There’s something in the air: Apple and WiMax?

Apple Store Online“Our sources tell us that Apple may include WiMax, the high-speed, long-range wireless broadband technology, in an ultraportable 13″ notebook computer, and possibly across the entire MacBook Pro line,” Jordan Golson reports for Valleywag. “…Our source gives it a ’60 percent chance.'”

“This would be a huge win for WiMax, which suffered a blow when Sprint and Clearwire abandoned plans for a WiMax joint venture. But Apple has proven it can popularize technologies — think USB in the original iMac, and Wi-Fi in the iBook,” Golson reports.

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David Morgenstern blogs for ZDNet, “My guess is that the article meant to say was that Apple might add support for WiMax Mobile, or 802.16e, to its notebooks. This makes a lot of sense.”

“Intel announced its intent to ship a combo WiMax Mobile chipset in 2006, which would support current 802.11 Wi-Fi networks as well as the faster WiMac Mobile connections. At the fall Intel Developers Forum, the company said that a number of major system vendors would support for this multiband chipset, including Lenovo and Toshiba,” Morgenstern writes. “Of course, Apple wasn’t among them. It never pre-announces products or technology adoptions. But Apple might want to get a bit of a jump on the competition and ship such a product, as it did with the first Core Duo machines. So, the ‘something’ in the Macworld banners could be WiMax.”

Morgenstern writes, “According to analysts, Intel has poured something north of $1 billion to develop and promote WiMax technology. So, the company has good reasons to encourage Apple to adopt the chipset.”

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Charles Jade writes for Ars Technica, “More likely it’s about sending content wirelessly. Our own Jon Stokes puts money on purchasing songs over the AT&T network when you are not browsing the iTunes Store at Starbucks. Or perhaps it’s streaming content to Macs in your home or away from home.”

Full article, with more “There’s something in the air” banner photos, here.


  1. Yeah right. There is not enough WiMax infrastructure to warrant including this technology. True, Apple has popularized other technologies like the article mentions, but those already had a solid user base. not so with WiMax. Maybe next year.

  2. Actually, it sounds plausible. Xerox tossed the mouse, Apple picked it up. We know there was no user base then. Intel tossed USB, no user base, NO PC box had it. Apple picked it up, and turned the world into USB users within 4 years by using it on iMacs, then, later they did the same by developing Firewire, also a transfer method NO other PC box had. If Apple were to bring on WiMax, I’d bet others would follow, even without a solid user base. Apple tends to lure others into it’s vision rather easily nowadays. Why did not MDN use the Magic Word, “Airport”?

  3. This, with the Sling rumor, with the Garmin Bobcat rumor, maybe, this MWSF keynote will be all about wireless ways of getting your info, from Wimax, to slinging, to GPS, to FON sharing. Why not? It’s all about making information access ubiquitous.

  4. Put it together people.

    Apple will introduce a mini laptop with flash memory instead of a hard drive. Light-weight. Longer battery life. No surprise here.

    But, the BIG thing is that it will have a built-in wireless GSM Air-Card that provides mobile broadband so you connected to the internet from anywhere. And just like the iPhone, Apple will get a cut of each monthly phone bill from AT&T;.

  5. I think this is true. I took the part number for the wireless card in my newly purchased MacPro. It appears it has WiMax capabilities that are turned off at the moment.

    Well 10.5.2 could be hear on Tuesday and it could unlock this extra feature. Or maybe Apple will let you unlock it after the 15th January using a low cost download?

    Nah I’m just kidding.

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