Report: SlingPlayer coming to Apple iPhone, iPod touch

“TV fans will soon be watching their favourite shows live on Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch. We just had a chat with an extremely senior source at Sling, who said: ‘iPhone and iPod touch are OS X devices, and we can write OS X apps with our eyes closed. It’s coming,'” Electric Pig reports.

“Specific dates for the new software are fuzzy at best, but with Steve Jobs having pledged a development kit by February, and due to take to the stage at Macworld in less than a week, we’d expect it extremely soon,” Electric Pig reports.

Full article here.


  1. I just noticed that my iTunes/iPhone sync screen says it will check for an iPhone software update on 1/15/08, coincidentally the date of the MacWorld Stevenote. What does your iTunes/iPhone sync screen say about the next check for an update?

  2. this will be sweet. Slingplayer is one of the nicest solutions to having tv on your mac. When I was on vacation during all of the fires here in Socal, I just checked out the local news on my macbook to get local updates and see if my house was ok. Having it on the iPhone will be that much sweeter.

  3. “It would be great if it worked with Apple TV too!”

    erm, wouldnt the tv your appletv is plugged into have a tuner?, bit crazy sending a signal fromya tv through a box, on the net, to your apple tv and back on to the tv with compression.

  4. Just a question.

    Isn’t all video, internet, satellite and even cable

    COMPRESSED video?

    AND – boxes like expressivu from bell – where you capture the recorded feeds – they COMPRESS onto their internal HrDrives as MP4.

    I REALLY think it’s all compressed dude… right from the Networks.

    So – if I am wrong – thx in advance. Or maybe I just don’t understand your statement.


  5. Exactly what I predicted, when I bought my Sling Solo over Thanksgiving. It’ll work great over wifi, but Edge will probably be too slow. I think the avg Edge speed is 210kbps, while Sling needs a 250kpbs connection, minimum.

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