Tech sector rallies; Apple gains nearly 5-percent

macbook,apple macbook,refurbished macbook,“Technology stocks mounted a late rally on Wednesday as the Nasdaq Composite Index bounced back from what would have been its ninth consecutive session in the red,” Benjamin Pimentel reports for MarketWatch.

“After falling for eight straight trading days, the Nasdaq (COMP: 2,474.55, +34.04, +1.4%) closed in positive territory, ahead 34.04 points, or 1.39%, at 2474.55. The Dow Jones Industrial Average also recovered to advance by 146.24 points,” Pimentel reports.

“The Morgan Stanley High Tech 35 Index (MSH: m570.82, -10.38, -1.8%) and the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index ($SOX: 362.94, +1.23, +0.3%) also closed higher,” Pimentel reports. “Technology’s big guns [were] led by Apple Inc. (AAPL: 179.40, +8.15, +4.8%).”

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  1. Now that the Wall Street crooks have scared the retail day traders — dominated by too clever by half fools who think that they can outsmart the hedge fund pump and dumpers — into selling out their positions at low prices, these institutional investor oriented firms are ready to make big money as AAPL rises to the moon and beyond.

    I held on to my AAPL without any fear and am set to make big bucks. Just pop up a five year chart on AAPL to put Wall Street’s shenanigans in perspective.

  2. Or you can use Zecco; that way, even if you buy a single share of AAPL for, say, $185 (tomorrow morning), you won’t have to wait for it to go to $195 before you see any profit on it. Zecco is quite a decent service, and it gives you a limited number of trades free every month.

  3. All throughout 2007 I purchased AAPL, 50 here, 80 there. Seven separate dollar cost averaging events.

    It’s been an adventure in emotional control. What do they call it – beta? A stock’s volatility. AAPL really hops around.

    Every buy was succeeded, immediately, with a drop. Made me think I was the stupidest guy on the planet.

    But it’s been a fun ride.

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