Analysts expect Apple to debut ultra-slim Mac notebook, iTunes movie rentals next week

“As the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas winds down to lackluster reviews, Apple Inc. is expected to grab the spotlight with an ultra-slim laptop computer and online movie rentals at its biggest annual show next week,” Scott Hillis reports for Reuters.

“Next week’s annual Macworld event in San Francisco is the favorite venue of Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs to roll out new products and chart the company’s course for the year,” Hillis reports. “His showman-like pronouncements also increasingly set the agenda for the computer and electronics industries, and have in recent years overshadowed CES, held in Las Vegas around the same time.”

“Analysts expect a computer half as thick as Apple’s current MacBook lineup, but using flash memory chips like those found in its iPod music players rather than a hard drive,” Hillis reports.

“Many also think Jobs will announce that customers will be able to rent downloaded movies from Fox, Warner Bros and others though its iTunes online store, a move that could shake up the $9 billion U.S. movie rental market,” Hillis reports.

“Many industry analysts see the polished message of Macworld as a welcome relief from the chaos of CES and its familiar parade of ever-larger televisions, sharper video cameras and slimmer cell phones,” Hillis reports. “‘Apple didn’t need to take thunder from CES, there was nothing to take,’ Michael Gartenberg, an analyst with Jupiter Research, wrote on the company’s blog.”

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  1. This is one possible explanation for the recent announcements … getting them out of the way. Get them out there now, let them get some ink before these big stories grab what’s available. Besides, Apple needed something to counter the news of the Wintel mini-laptops from the CES.

  2. Can someone explain to me how one little company in Cupertino, California can overshadow the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas? This is Apple astroturfing at its worst. You have, what, over a hundred exhibitors, Celine Dion AND Tom Jones and the best buffets on the planet and MDN expects me to believe one company with expensive, proprietary computers that can’t play games as well as overpriced me-too MP3 players garners more interest than CES. Bullsh!t and you know it, MDN.

    Fact is everyone is still buzzing after Bill Gates’ magnificent, inspiring and electrifying CES keynote. I’d hate to be Steve Jobs next week.

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