Bill Gates slips up, unintentionally reveals that majority of new PCs ship without Windows Vista

Apple Online Store“Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system is proving far less popular with new PC buyers than Windows XP did during XP’s first year on the market, if statements by company chairman Bill Gates at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show are any measure,” Paul McDougall reports for InformationWeek.

“Gates, in Las Vegas Sunday, boasted that Microsoft has sold more than 100 million copies of Windows Vista since the OS launched last January,” McDougall reports. “While the number at first sounds impressive, it in fact indicates that the company’s once dominant grip on the OS market is loosening. Based on Gates’ statement, Windows Vista was aboard just 39% of the PC’s that shipped in 2007.”

“Gates’ statements at the 2003 and 2008 Consumer Electronics Shows thus reveal — calculating roughly — that Windows XP captured about 67% of the new PC market during its first year. Vista, by contrast, captured just 39%, or less than half, of new PC shipments in 2007,” McDougall reports. “The numbers are no doubt troubling for Microsoft, which spent millions of dollars developing and promoting Windows Vista.”

McDougall reports, “Contributing to Vista’s woes is the fact that new desktop alternatives to the Windows operating system have emerged in recent years — including Apple’s beefed up Leopard…”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dirty Pierre le Punk” for the heads up.]


  1. For those that do not read the actual article or comments: see below, (Don’t you just love Apple OS X. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> )

    “I’d like to see the down-conversion numbers on Vista… I know I have purchased in the neighborhood of 50 Vista PCs from Dell over the last year and, looking at my status board here, all but 5 of them have been rolled back to our VL of XP…

    There are two reasons we’ve put XP on these expensive Vista boxes: Our clients normally don’t need Vista systems because they themselves don’t support it yet so we need more XP-based systems of the floor. But, I had to get Vista pre-loaded because there wasn’t any choice – let’s hear it for lock-in.

    The other reason is that the few Vista boxes we do have in cirulation, according to the trouble ticket system, require almost a ten-fold amount of support ranging from “where is ‘X'” to “Can you make it stop asking every 3 seconds if it is ok to do something?” I’ve even seen a pre-built, pre-loaded Dell Vista machine, twice now, de-authorize itself due to too many hardware changes – from a KVM switch…

    Seriously, park a graphic artist on a Vista system and have him or her get the current project from the fileserver… Initially they’re very happy with the shiny UI (they’re graphic folks afterall) but after about 30 minutes of Vista saying it’s completing the file transfer they go bonkers and end up here in my office looking for an XP cd. And that is only possible after we go and disable the highly annoying security in Vista – so we don’t even get that as a perk for running it.

    Ultimately, at least here, Vista just doesn’t appear to be set up for ‘work’… Sure, the UI is pretty and DX10 will some day be a gamer’s paradise – but the costs for all this home-user bling just isn’t worth it in a business environment where supporting it costs money.”

    I am glad that I don’t work in IT. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />


  2. It seems to me that there is another factor here which the author has ignored.

    Hasn’t it been M$ policy to count as sold the number of licences acquired by box makers, whether they make it out the door of the manufacturer or not?

    There may actually be considerably fewer VISTA boxes out there than the numbers M$ reports shipped.

  3. en,

    If you’re “parking graphic artists” on Windows (any version), you don’t know what the hell you’re doing.

    In fact, you deserve to be shot. (Just kidding, but not by much.)

    Spoken from someone who’s regularly refused to work in places where they couldn’t or wouldn’t provide the proper equipment (Macs).

    Any “graphic artist” who’s “very happy” with Vista’s UI is not an artist.

    In fact, they may be blind. (Not kidding about that one.)

    My advice: Get some real graphic artists, ask them what they want, and then provide their requested Macs, so they can be more productive (or at least get their color correction right).

  4. As someone once said; “There are LOTS more cockroaches than humans on earth, does that make the cockroaches smarter than us ?”

    (hmm… come to think about it, maybe they are ? but anyway Vista really is a diappointment)

  5. @ cptnkirk
    “It seems to me that there is another factor here which the author has ignored.”

    agree, and I read where MS was also counting the upgrade coupons they started giving out in Nov 06 as Vista sales, even if they weren’t turned in for an upgrade

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