Delphi demos vehicle remote-control via Apple iPhone

“Most remotes lock and unlock cars. Some start the engine. Delphi’s Wireless Vehicle Access software programmed onto an iPhone monitors and controls most every imaginable vehicle function,” Bill Howard reports for PC Magazine.

“The combination is powerful enough to locate you car and report its status a mile away in a parking garage, which really means, according to Delphi’s Craig Tieman, that no matter how deep you are inside your house, the remote will work. If it’s hot or cold outside, you can turn on the engine, turn on the climate control, and watch the temperature rise or fall. Or if you don’t want to burn gasoline, you can just roll down the windows,” Howard reports.

Howard reports, “Delphi showed how you can monitor tire pressure, see if you have enough gas in the tank for the drive to work, even tell the condition of your oil and brake fluid. Type A’s will love the remote. Right now, Wireless Vehicle Access—the key fob or the smart phone link—is a working concept. With a little work it could be a real product.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JMSinTX” for the heads up.]


  1. I have always thought that car alarms were a joke. No one really cares when an alarm goes off. But if this thing can alert me that my car has been broken into and then even transmit GPS of its location to my iPhone, go ahead, steel my car. I will just show up at your doorstep with the cops anyway.

    This is only speculation of course, but wouldn’t that be cool?

  2. Oh gawd, now my girlfriend will be able to monitor my car. Their goes my little cave on wheels! The little piece of peace when stormy days come, when I will hesitate to say where I am- will she know or does she know!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaarh

    Just a little drama their for levity.

  3. Not true. It really annoys a lot of people. Many of whom would like to beat the crap out of the person who set the alarm.

    Or beat the crap out of the offending car. Or pry open the hood and cut the battery cables, giving a sense of revenge against both the inanimate automobile and the unintelligent owner.

  4. OUCH, iPhone apps showing up at CES and its not even time for MacWorld yet. Chairs must be flying. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    With Sync you can listen to music in your car. With the iPhone, you can control (start – stop- cool – heat – etc) and monitor your car.


  5. I think it’s time to outlaw those damned multi-siren car alarms. I can’t imagine that they’re actually effective in deterring auto theft. They only succeed in annoying the hell out of folks like me. I’ve never heard anyone comment, “Oh no, somebody’s car is being stolen.” It’s more like, “I wish someone would turn that blasted thing off. I’m trying to watch COPS here.”

    The owner of the car — busy getting it on — either has to ignore it (which prolongs my law enforcement viewing enjoyment) or has to stop in the middle of his business, throw on a pair of shorts and run down to the street (with tent half pitched), turn the blasted thing off, run back up to try to recreate the mood only have it broken again by the recurring warnings of an overly-sensitive anti-peace device.

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