Leak reveals Fox DVDs with iPod-ready video files (which require iTunes 7.6)

“MacRumors reader mr echo received an early copy of a Family Guy DVD [Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation] intended for release January 15th and discovered an included iTunes/iPod compatible digital copy. Also reported on TUAW,” Jeff Longo reports for Mac Rumors.

“Including a digital copy on the DVD makes ripping the DVD for use with portable media players largely unnecessary, although the files are likely to contain digital rights management,” Longo reports.

“The H.264 copies reportedly require iTunes 7.6, which isn’t yet available,” Longo reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Adam W.” for the heads up.]

Matthew Garrahan and Kevin Allison reported for The Financial Times in late December that “Apple has signed News Corp’s 20th Century Fox studio to a new online video-on-demand service in a deal that could change the way people pay for online film content. The agreement will allow consumers to rent the latest Fox DVD releases by downloading a digital copy from Apple’s iTunes platform for a limited time, according to a person familiar with the situation.”

Expect iPod/iPhone/iTunes-compatible files on Fox DVDs, the release of iTunes 7.6, and probably iTunes video rentals and possibly a significant Apple TV software update (and/or Apple TV 2.0) at Macworld Expo. Less than week to go now…


  1. Be interesting to see if Netflixs rentals have these on them, and what it will mean. Could one rent the movie and be able to pull the iTunes version off of it? I imagine if someone all of a sudden starts having 1,000s of movies registered with iTunes that might alert somebody. Apple might receive some user backlash if it started reporting people……assuming it does that sorta thing. Of course, being someone who has 10,000s of iTunes MP3s which I got the covers from iTunes, I haven’t been “turned in” yet……..and quite a few of my tunes were obtained from places other than iTunes Store or the actual CD…….

  2. Wonder what the resolution will be. 320×240, 480×320, 640×480? Videos sized for my iPod look like crap on my iPhone with the black bars on each side and I don’t want to zoom as it cuts off the picture.

  3. I wonder how will that work. If you rend the DVD, will you still have access to this bonus iTunes movie. That would be kind of cool, but it would make it very easy to amass a pirate collation of unlicensed material. But, really, how many times are you willing to see the same movie. Now if your 4, like my son, now that is a different story.

  4. Personally, if the H264 version included costs me no extra… I welcome it. Certainly this is beneficial as a connivence.

    I am imagining this works due to a digital encoded barcode…
    proof of purchase to iTunes.


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