Barack Obama is Apple, Hillary Clinton is Dell

“Not long after Barack Obama entered the presidential race last February, there appeared on YouTube a parody of the famed 1984 Macintosh ad in which Hillary Clinton was portrayed as Big Brother. It all seemed a bit heavy handed at the time but in the months since the Apple analogy has grown stronger and not weaker,” Matt Cooper writes for

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Apple stock more than doubed last year as the company became the sine qua non of hip and cool. Itss white-background TV ads gently mocked the PC-and-Microsoft world rather than treating it as a totalitarian ruler. Isn’t that the same cool-and-confident tone that Obama had shown in recent months? He derides the Clinton campaign–where my spouse is a senior adviser–and belittles it gently but devastatingly. I had enough confidence in Apple last year to buy some stock when it was at $75 but as it approached $100 I dumped it fearing that it couldn’t rise any higher. Oops. It went on to $200,” Cooper writes.

“If I misjudged the Apple rise to astonishing heights, the entire political world misjudged Obama,” Cooper writes.

“Hillary Clinton is Dell. The Austin-based computer maker was hottest thing in the 90s, like the Clintons. Since then it’s fallen on harder times, although it’s hardly gone the way of Atari or Commodore or other computer relics. It’s still a strong brand with a thriving following. But it’s not Apple,” Cooper writes.

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  1. Bush uses a Mac.

    So dies this mean Mac users are dumb like Bush?

    I vote for “none of the above” myself.

    Competancy wise, I think Rudy has the best skills. Party wise, eh.

    Mrs. Clinton already had her turn, 8 years in fact. She and buddy Bill pardoned many criminals, especially of a rich, religious sect in exchange for votes and cash.

    Obama? bin Laden?

    Enough aid. Go Rudy!!!

  2. I voted for Bill. I voted for Hillary.

    But when Hillary went AWOL on Iraq, she lost me for good!
    We in NYC didn’t want revenge. Bombing and killing and revenge is easy. We wanted questions asked. Hillary let us down!

    If Bill got a sex-change, could he run again?
    Billie Clinton? Hmmmm.

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