Jim Cramer: Apple shares will hit $300 this year

“Jim Cramer listed his top 10 predictions for 2008 this week,” Seeking Alpha reports.

A few of Cramer’s predictions involved Apple in some fashion:

Google stock reaches $1,000. The company becomes one of the top three companies in the U.S. in market capitalization… and succesfully challenges Microsoft (MSFT) for operating-system dominance.

“Apple (AAPL), he predicts, will reach $300. He sees it successfully taking over the music business, and, among other knock-on effects, he forewarns that Warner Music Group will file for bankruptcy,” SA reports.

Full article, with Cramer’s 10 Predictions for 2008, here.


  1. So much for the Average man of the streets being able to buy Apple Stock
    I own 2400 shares and bought it at $13 many years ago
    but now only Mutual funds and the very rich can afford to buy more then one share
    Apple split the shares!!
    so that more people can enjoy owning a winning companies fortunes.

  2. Noiseworks. You did very well. Can’t spell though.

    “than one share”. Surely anyone could afford $188? You just want 4800 shares. I don’t blame you. You’re going to have great year.

  3. “…and succesfully challenges Microsoft (MSFT) for operating-system dominance.”

    Does Google even have an OS (other than the unreleased Android for mobile phones)?

    “He sees [Apple] successfully taking over the music business”

    Isn’t this a prediction for 2004? I thought they already had taken over this business.

  4. I think the real target number is closer to 450 than 300. Cramer can’t do the math. The earnings growth on existing products will be way above Wall Street’s estimates and I can’t believe that Apple will not introduce new product lines, as innovative as Apple is.

    Apple’s hyper growth phase is not over yet and AAPL is way under valued.

  5. Every point of market share is worth billions.

    Also, someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but now that we have gobs and gobs of online brokerages, is it not possible to go on and just buy 10 shares of AAPL or any other stock? And even if it does split, 90/share would still require 9000$ to buy 100.

    This concept of buying in lots of 100 I think is so last century.

    Please someone tell me.

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