Video of Apple iPhone in action after 1.1.3 firmware update

Gear Live has posted a video of an Apple iPhone that has been updated with the as-yet-unreleased iPhone 1.1.3 firmware update which shows the ability to add, organize, and delete Safari bookmarks (with auto icon creation) to iPhone’s home screen, the addition of multiple Home pages, customizing the four items on the iPhone’s dock, Locate Me incorporated into Google Maps which triangulates the iPhone’s location via cellular towers, the inclusion of Hybrid satellite overlays for maps, and the ability to send SMS messages to multiple recipients.

Full article here.

[Attribution: MacNN/Eectronista. Thanks to MacDailyNews reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. funny, Fake Zune Tang.

    Also, if you were the Real Zune Tang, you’d know that “little paperclip assistant” is named Clippit, or Clippy, and he’s since been retired.

    Oh Maclover, Macs crash all the time. Recently, I blame Flash for hogging all of my Safari processes. Even my J’Broken iPT takes the occasional dump.

    I presume the Jailbreak team is working on an update as I type, because as much as I love my iPT, out of the box it is more crippled than the iPhone.

    My current fave apps via Installer are WebSearch (easy search entry for many sites), Backgammon, SendSong, and it looks like Chess was just released. Plus the iPhone Apps, of course.

    happy new year…

  2. Yes, I’m sure Apple really appreciates the iPhone crashing at the beginning of the video. Well at least it may keep some of us from searching the internet for the leaked firmware update (I know it worked for me). ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Please, pretty please, with sugar on top, Apple here are my top 10 fixes for iPhone 1.1.4:
    1. Flash in Safari
    2. The ability to drag routes in Google Maps
    3, Doppler radar on Weather when I turn it sideways
    4. The ability to Sync Notes
    5. The ability to click on phone #s, addresses, and URLs in Notes
    6. The ability to click on phone #s, addresses, and URLs in Calendar
    7. Multiple alerts, custom repeat options, and the ability to link a contact to a Location in Calendar
    8. Pictures (MMS) in SMS
    9. Easier to use linking to iChat, AIM, .Mac, and GoogleChat clients in SMS (yes, it can be done now, but it’s very clunky)
    10. The ability to remove that useless Stocks icon

    And while we are upgrading stuff, please let me set ringtones in bulk in Address Book. I’ve got 1,200 people in my contacts and I’d love to separate family, friends, clients, and vendors with their own ringtones.

    And hardware, better speakers, UTMS, 16-32mb of storage (I’ll be patient for iPhone 2.0).

  4. Tommy Boy – Flash? Fine, but WITHOUT the ability to turn Flash OFF, you just cut your download speed in half…. not good. So without that turn-off switch, you just hosed a perfectly good web browser…

    The rest of your list is great, though! Well done!

    And I’m sure you meant gigs, not megs. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Send that list to his Steveness, ASAP!

  5. @cartoonasaurus: It was sent to, which I assume someone reads.

    If you like my ideas send ’em in too. I did like your off switch idea on the Flash, which I need for just one particular custom app.

  6. Yuk

    Figured SOMETHING was lame about this ‘video presentation’ as it took 15 to 20 seconds at the start showing its Logo/Intro.

    Then THAT guy has his face right in the camera. And looks like he’s working out of his bedroom. WTF ?

    Hit pause at that moment. Won’t watch the rest. Even if it IS ‘real’ it makes me queezy to see a mug like that instead of the iPhone.

    No idea who “Gear Live” is, and although that guy appears to be its Editor in Chief and wish him all the luck in the world – I’ll pass. Nothing personal, but whole thing smells fishy.

    BC Kelly
    Tallahassee Fla

  7. This looks pretty cool. The visual metaphors keep getting better and better. I can’t wait until some of this tech makes it’s way back to the Mac!

    As for the charges of fakery, I’ll give the guy the benefit of the doubt. What would be the point of faking it, showing his face and swearing it isn’t? To get Photoshop prole-work? I don’t think so.

    Apple Legal is on vacation. Wait until January 3 or 4!

    MacWorld Expo promises to be pretty interesting this time around!

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