Net Applications: Apple’s Safari Web browser share hit new all-time high of 5.58% in December 2007

Net Applications’ Web Browser stats for December 2007 show Apple’s Safari hit a new all-time high with 5.58% share of the browsers visiting Net Applications’ network of websites worldwide. The data is aggregated from 40,000 websites that are predominantly ecommerce or corporate sites.

Net Applications’ December 2007 Web Browser Stats:
Microsoft Internet Explorer: 76.07% (vs. NOV: 77.35%, JAN: 79.98%)
Mozilla Firefox: 16.78% (vs. NOV: 16.01%, JAN: 13.70%)
Apple Safari: 5.58% (vs. NOV: 5.14%, JAN: 4.72%)
Netscape: 0.66%
Opera: 0.64%
Mozilla: 0.08%
Opera Mini: 0.04%
Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer: 0.04%
Playstation: 0.03%
Blazer: 0.02%
Danger Web Browser: 0.02%
Konqueror: 0.02%
WebTV: 0.01%
ACCESS NetFront: 0.01%

Net Applications’ Browser Market Share for December 2007:

Net Applications’ Apple Safari Web Browser Stats for 2007:
JAN: 4.72%
FEB: 4.86%
MAR: 4.53%
APR: 4.61%
MAY: 4.84%
JUN: 4.51%
JUL: 4.58%
AUG: 4.71%
SEP: 5.11%
OCT: 5.09%
NOV: 5.14%
NOV: 5.58%

Net Applications’ Browser Market Share Trend for Apple Safari for January 2006 to December 2007:

More details can be seen via Net Applications’ here.

MacDailyNews Note: As always, the actual percentage numbers are not as important as the trends shown since all “market share” reports have unique measurement sources. Net Applications, for example measures 40,000 corporate and ecommerce websites — how many of which are restricted to WIndows and/or IE, if any, we do not know. Again, what’s important is the trend (and consistent data points). The trend shows Apple’s Safari ascending.


  1. Word is that IE8 will have most of the features we know and love in Safari … and Firefox. Safari 2, that is. Why, I’ve even heard that the latest beta does the Acid2 test properly! So … if you really love IE, all you have to do is wait a year or two and pray that Safari and Firefox don’t do something – like … get even better? – and you’ll be on top again.
    Yeah … like THAT will happen.

  2. And yet, some “powers that be” are sticking with the crippled nag that is IE. A year or two back, I needed a waiver to sanction the installation of Firefox on our Windows servers rather than the approved IE. That waiver was *denied*. They will only sanction what they can control through group policies. Since they couldn’t exercise such controlt with Firefox, it’s prohibited on all Windows platforms.

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