Video of Apple iPhone in action after 1.1.3 firmware update

Gear Live has posted a video of an Apple iPhone that has been updated with the as-yet-unreleased iPhone 1.1.3 firmware update which shows the ability to add, organize, and delete Safari bookmarks (with auto icon creation) to iPhone’s home screen, the addition of multiple Home pages, customizing the four items on the iPhone’s dock, Locate Me incorporated into Google Maps which triangulates the iPhone’s location via cellular towers, the inclusion of Hybrid satellite overlays for maps, and the ability to send SMS messages to multiple recipients.

Full article here.

[Attribution: MacNN/Eectronista. Thanks to MacDailyNews reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I wonder if Apple appreciates these guys revealing the new features of the next iPhone firmware update. Seems to me that SJ does not like it when people try to steal his Stevenote™ thunder. Look what happened to ThinkSecret…

  2. montex beat me to it but I was going to ask if anyone could verify that Steve had dispatched an armored car full of unmarked $20 bills over to Mr. Edwards at Gear Live to make him as rich as the ThinkSecret guy.

    Oh, almost forgot about the new features: Wow. Just Wow.

  3. @maclover…

    As the presenter notes, there’s no guarantee that what he has will be the exact 1.1.3 release. It could be an intermediate build.

    Now, having said that, a lot of these new features are necessary stepping stones for the release of an SDK. *That’s* what I’m looking forward to having. Then I can write my own apps.

  4. I have one question which I dont know if anybody else noticed or not. If you look in the left hand corner where the “Non-Jailbreaked” iPhone is being shown is the word Nate. This is in place of the ATT logo that is normally shown on a regular phone. To my knowledge only a jailbreaked phone can display other logos other than ATT. This looks great except when I saw that I started having doubt again. I just wish someone could explain that Nate logo on the top left.

  5. I-Phone update? Big deal. The latest unreleased Zune firmware update automatically displays ads as wallpaper. You can also squirt the ads to fellow Zune enthusiasts. The ads are formatted as Microsoft Silverlight files and you HAVE to watch them—you can’t turn them off. The little paperclip assistant from Microsoft’s magnificent office suite guides you through the process. Pretty cool. I think Apple just crapped their pants.

    That’s the thing about Zune. It evolves as Microsoft sees fit with fantastic upgrades that are just what everyone is looking for. As you can see Zunes aren’t a flash in the pan phenomenon like the I-POD. The evolution of Zune is just beginning. What a tremendous value for the money. Can’t wait to see what else is up Redmond’s sleeve.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  6. “I just wish someone could explain that Nate logo on the top left.”

    According to Gizmodo:

    “The reason it says “Nate” in the network: it is because he had it changed with Erica’s Make It Mine program in 1.1.2 [before the 1.1.3 update].

    FYI, everything that stays in the user partitions remains untouched during upgrades, that’s why the custom carrier name remains.”

  7. How did these guys get a hold of this? I have to wonder if these are hacked apps or 3rd party add-ons that work on a jailbroken phone. Further, there has been no comment from Apple, no cease and desist order, no threats whatsoever. Something is fishy here.

    Regardless, one has to believe some of this is accurate. There are some very cool features here. But it almost seems like a v1.2 than a 1.1.3. Maybe there are a few things missing from this build that Apple is waiting to reveal. Who knows.

  8. The competition (if you can call it that) has to be in utter dismay over Apple’s expertise and flexibility with software. How can they even remotely come close to matching this? I almost have pity for them.

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