American Idol, X-Factor’s Simon Cowell considers lawsuit against Apple re iTunes’ Leon Jackson snafu

“Simon Cowell is considering launching legal proceedings against iTunes after fans were prevented from downloading X-Factor winner Leon Jackson’s single.” Carl Stroud reports for The Sun.

“Demand melted the music firm’s servers shortly after When You Believe went on sale at midnight on Saturday,” Stroud reports. “The problem was only resolved some 15 hours later.”

“An insider at SonyBMG said: ‘Everybody here is up in arms. There’s been a monumental cock up. Simon is hugely disappointed about the situation and is considering launching legal proceedings. Everybody is really upset for Leon and don’t want technical malfunctions to mar his big week,'” Stroud reports. “A spokesperson for iTunes declined to comment.”

Full article here.

PR plant. ‘Tis no surprise that The Sun ran it immediately.


  1. Another Rotund Glutonous Bastard raises yet another cry of “foul most horrid!” meanwhile all the phone participants have been milked for all their worth to end up with crap in exchange.

    How do we know that itunes servers were melted down? Has Apple inc. issued a statement to that effect? Is that fat bastard implying that itunes servers are substandard?

    Or maybe, just maybe the so called market for X-factor crap has cottoned onto the scam he has been plying all these years & have voted with their wallets?

    He should be sued by Apple inc. A precedent is calling to be set here.

    Now if he were to Drink Camel’s Milk, the tuneless fart he emits would lace his palate with such a foul stench that he would think carefully in future before serving up X-Craptor again!!

  2. What can you expect from a paper owned by Rupert Murdoch, owner of News Corporation, mercenary sellout and appeaser of communist dictatorships?

    It amazes me that a man who pays so little tax on the massive profits of his companies (some people say it is as little as 6% on the global profits of the entire NewsCorp concern) is allowed to have so much influence on politics in the USA, UK and Australia. Back in the late-18th century, the American colonies protested on the principle of “no taxation without representation”. Murdoch has managed to turn this principle on its head so one man now has far more lobbying power than the trade union movement in any of the countries in which he operates.

    Still, there are a significant number of people who post here who swallow everything this dinosaur pumps out through Faux Noise as if it were the gospel truth, so they’ll presumably buy this piece of trivialised nonsense with the same enthusiasm.

  3. What if thousands of people turned up at physical stores and didn’t wait in line?

    The Sun is only fit for the recycling bin before it’s delivered to the newsagents. [F]ans were prevented from downloading, prevented is the wrong word here, very inflammatory language, they just had to wait a while for the queue to subside. That is if we take The Sun’s uncontested version as having some semblance of truth, which would make it atypical.

    Murdoch is firmly in the anti-Apple camp, those who wish to take control from the people (or I should say even more control), you can only vote for people who the corporations bankroll anyway.

    @ MCCFR

    Take a look back at the early history of the neo-cons, they were all radical socialist too. What they learned is that you can achieve totalitarianism through two means, govt taking over business didn’t work so they ‘switched sides’ and now they are trying the other way. Same with neo-labour in the UK.

    Murdoch is just after money and power, what was the James Bond movie based on him?

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