Apple’s .Mac down [UPDATED: 4:04pm ET: back online)

Apple’s .Mac service is down.

Users attempting to access .Mac are presented with a page stating:

This service is temporarily unavailable.
We’re working hard to restore normal service.

.Mac email services have been spotty today, but other .Mac features have been accessible from the website prior to this message being displayed.

[UPDATED: 4:04pm ET: .mac is back online with the message, “Members cannot access .Mac services. They will be restored ASAP.” Mail and “Back to My Mac” are currently indicated as being inaccessible to all or some .Mac members.]



  1. Not sure if it is related, but iPhoto Book Publishing the last few days has been very error prone. Many users in Discussions bitching about failed uploads.
    Tis the season. Hopefully Apple gets it fixed.

  2. Despite some negative comments over the past couple of years regarding .Mac, I went ahead and decided to try it for a year for the ‘discounted’ price of $70 when I recently bought a new iMac.

    If it simplifies my life somewhat in terms of exchanging data, posting photos and movies, and syncing iCal, contacts and bookmarks, then I will consider it to be of reasonable value.

    I sincerely hope that I did not waste $70.

  3. @Jamie:

    Not sure what else you are using, but my .mac addresses seem the least Viagra-prone. Today’s outage notwithstanding, I am pretty happy with the service. I have five family members on it, and the combination of storage and integration seems worth it. I tried hard to like gmail, but don’t. Some folks love it, but I do not like web-based email except as a last alternative, and I don’t like all the rigmarole I have to go through to integrate iCal and Mail with it. That’s just my opinion; I know many who love it, and I am sure YMMV.

  4. As much as I worship Apple. .Mac is so not Apple and performance and routine downtime is appalling.

    Of course, I lie to Microsoft users just how great .Mac is and how I could not live without it. However, truth is, it is predictably unreliable.

    If only .Mac was as robust as the Apple Store. Notice how the Apple Store IS NEVER DOWN. Oh yes, can anyone remember when google mail is ever down? Like never! Maybe Apple should farm out .Mac to Google. There is a sure winner there!

    Another often discussed issue is that .Mac is usually not working in some capacity and is down for maintenance during business hours.

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