Intuit fixes QuickBooks for Mac flaw

There was a problem with the update for QuickBooks Pro Mac for version 2006 and 2007. The update was prompting that “there is not enough disk space to install.” If this message is displayed, click the No button. DO NOT install the update. It could remove files from the desktop folder of your computer.

Intuit has resolved the problem that caused this on the server. Do not install the update if it prompts that there is not enough disk space. Close and re-open QuickBooks and it should no longer prompt you to install the update. The latest release for QuickBooks Mac 2006 is currently R4 and the latest release for QuickBooks Pro for Mac 2007 is R6.

Intuit is working on a way to help customers restore the files they lost and/or repair the functionality of their Mac desktop.

More details, including contact info, here.


  1. Whew. Don’t do that again, Intuit.
    And while you’re fixing things, why not fix the Mac QuickBooks to match the level of features in PC’s? Obviously you have SOMEONE there who knows a little about Macs. Put them on it!

  2. So, which is better for me? I run a small photo business. I use Quicken right now for personal finances.

    I am aware that Quicken for Mac is not as good as it is for Windoze, but is it appreciably the same situation on QuickBooks, I mean, they look like they have a ‘pro’ version for Mac?

  3. Y’all do realize that Intuit is a subsidiary of MS…

    @Big Mac Attack – Yeah right…

    When Quicken stopped supporting direct banking directly through Quicken on the Mac, it’s been down hill ever since.

    I few blogs I’ve run into over the last several weeks have implied that Quicken is moving toward being a total web app, and you’ll need to pay a monthly or yearly fee to use it – I can tell you I won’t be there for that, I’m already subscriptioned to death. I just recently dropped my Quicken BillPay, I’m officially tired of spending $10.00/month to pay bills when my bank offers it online for free. And now that there’s no direct linking of online banking directly with Quicken app.(unless you subscribe to BillPay), then what’s the point in using it anymore. I’m now looking for a good easy-to-use electronic ledger to replace it.

    In my estimation there haven’t been any significant changes/upgrades to Quicken for Mac since about 2000 when it became OS X compatible, and I haven’t bought a single update since then. Intuit did send me a free 2006 installation last year, and I didn’t even ask, but for me it’s time to move on anyway. I’m weary of being locked into MS directly or indirectly.

    I used to use QB to run a technical consulting business and was never really happy with it, then Intuit stopped supporting the Mac and that killed it for me. I vowed to never use it again. So maybe the morale of the story is, if you’re thinking of running any serious business from the Mac then you may want to keep looking.

  4. Intuit’s online forum has thousands of posts from people who lost gigabytes of data from their desktop folder. It is just inconceivable that a company that has been doing Mac software since the Motorola 68k years makes a blunder such as this one. They not only allowed this code to escape, they actually pushed it onto their users. Those who were quick to accept the update found their entire desktop folder irreparably gone! And Intuit’s solution? Don’t touch or turn off your Mac until we give you a tool to recover those deleted files. If you touch it, or turn it off, it may overwrite those sectors with something else. In other words, use those forensic tools for data recovery, since your files are definitely totally gone!

    I am still struggling to believe that something like this is at all possible!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a class-action suit were to come out of this.

  5. Yep. Just talked to my brother. There was no option for no installation. They went ahead with it and did a restart. The files on the desktop are gone.

    Oh, and isn’t the president of intuit on the board of apple?

  6. Ampar, I think what Hg Wells is saying is that if Hg Wells is registered with MDN, then it shouldn’t be open as a ‘walk-on’ name without the stars.

    Cause the star-named Sneetches are the best on the beaches.


  7. I knew MS owned MS Money, but that is the first I’ve heard of them owning Intuit.

    Mr. Peabody-
    I reconcile with my bank every day using Quicken for Mac. If you have an older version, they dropped support for that (Windows and Mac).

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