VoIP reportedly working on hacked Apple iPod touch

“Marian, the guy who’s building a preamped microphone for the iPod touch “writes that touch hacker eok has ported Samuel’s SvSIP to the iPod,” Erica Sadun reports for TUAW.

“SvSIP uses the SIP protocol to connect to other participants and to allow you to talk over WiFi,” Sadun reports.

“Marian writes that eok has been able to both send and receive calls,” Sadun reports.

Full article with more details and links here.


  1.  provide the hardware and a few pieces of the software puzzle, and the hackers complete the picture to create a truly awesome product.

    Typed on my hacked iPod touch (P.S., if you have hacked your touch or iPhone, try out Labyrinth – awesome!)

  2. Right on C1

    I was thinking this weekend what could possibly derail Apple’s stellar success. My guess is if iPod sales started to slow down.

    But Apple are already several steps ahead of that eventuality. The iPhone as is, is very close to a perfect iPod. As cheaper, smaller and higher capacity memory develops we could easily have a 100 gig iPhone within the next few years for the same price as the iPod Touch.

    This model has some much room for growth I find it hard to believe Apple will run into trouble anytime soon.

    Truly amazing how the iPod is changing the whole CE ball game.

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