Microsoft says debut of ads on MSN Mobile will enhance customers’ experience

“Microsoft on Monday began displaying mobile advertising to MSN Mobile customers for the first time, in hopes of generating additional revenue,” Elena Malykhina reports for InformationWeek.

“Now when mobile users in the United States visit Microsoft’s MSN Mobile Web page on their cell phone and smartphone browsers, they’ll see banner and text ad placements,” Malykhina reports.

“The software giant claims that the introduction of mobile ads will enhance the experience for customers,” Malykhina reports.

Full article here.

Enhancement? Uh, riiight. The good news for MSN Mobile suckers is that the experience was already impossible to diminish.

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  1. Any time in life spent not being exposed to advertising is time utterly wasted, apparently.

    Please, Microsoft, pioneer some way in which I can have ads projected onto the inside of my eyelids while I’m trying to sleep.

  2. I don’t get “mobile ads” at all. I understand that the data intersection of a person and a location is an “advertising opportunity” but unless the person opens a browser on their mobile, I don’t get how they are going to deliver this stuff.

    Does MS really expect that people will enjoy being sent targeted adverts for shoes as their mobile relays the person’s proximity to the shoe store back to MS’s advert server? I would crush my mobile under the nearest truck if it started doing that and so would most anyone I think.

    A free cell-phone that rings all day to remind you of purchasing opportunities? A free mobile that is choked with spam email all day and night?

    I don’t see how even the most skinflint moron would really enjoy or even tolerate that sort of thing. I just don’t see that there are enough poor dumb f*cks on the planet to make that profitable, and even if they were, an advertiser likes an *upscale* audience. How does a group of folks with no class, no taste, and so poor that they get a free ad supported cell make for a good target market?

  3. @Eddie:

    Your comment was dead on! (inre; MDN + ad banners)

    I’m typing this comment via my iphone using wifi.
    Visiting this place is godawful via Edge. However, using edge to visit other Mac sites is less problematic.


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