Apple debuts new ‘Get A Mac’ ad: ‘Now What?’ (with video)

Apple has debuted their latest “Get a Mac” ad in which “PC” tries to hawk a new book called “I Want to Buy a Computer – Now What?” which is aimed at solving the complexities of buying a PC. Mac explains that it really isn’t that hard, in fact, it’s really easy, if you “Get a Mac.” Apple Stores have personal shoppers to help you pick out the Mac that’s right for and even offer workshops for you after you buy your Mac, you know. “PC” thought of that “afterwards” phase, too and tries to sell his new companion volume “I Just Bought a Computer – Now What?”

Apple Get a Mac Ad: Now What?

Direct link to video via YouTube

Watch the video in higher quality via here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s market research must be telling them that there is a worthwhile target audience for this ad’s message. We’re obviously nowhere near said target, since our first take was: “Uh, whatever. If this ad sells even one extra Mac, we’ll be pretty surprised.” But, we can stretch enough to imagine how a certain type of computer buyer would appreciate personal help before and after the sale; we’re just not sure that this ad gets that message across as well as it could have. For one example, simply having “Mac” say the word “free” before “workshops” would have made this one at least a little bit better. Apple Retail Store Workshops are free, after all. Leaving that word out of the ad is just plain stupid.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “blue” for the heads up.]


  1. And this is supposed to tell me what exactly?
    Mac’s line about personal shoppers and training are thrown away.

    And guess what?
    I want to buy a Mac. Now what?
    Oh, we have people to guide you because evidently it isn’t so easy. I mean, if you have to have a person to guide you, is that much better than having a book?

    How’d this one get out of the gate?

  2. Eh, I agree to a degree, wings. But I’d definitely rather walk into a store, play with a computer, ask questions to a knowledgeable staff of real people… than spend money on a book. Ya know?

    Still, not one of their better ads in the series.

  3. I think it is a good ad. It addresses the confusion that most people have at Big Box Store when confronted with a long row of nearly identical Window boxes. Maybe the ad doesn’t stress the Apple store experience enough, but it is there.

    The experience is the product these days, and no one understands that better than Apple.

  4. Why is it when apple does one type of commercial that it is the same old commercial (same music, visual, etc).

    Why don’t they come up with various Mac commercials that actually DEMONSTRATE the functionality of the Mac like they did with the iPhone?????????

    Apple is such a great company and producing great innovative products, but I’ve always had a beef with their Mac TV ads. They just seem to lack the power punch potential it could have.

    The iPod are good and seem to target the ‘Hip’ audience.
    The iPhone is great because it demonstrates the product and produces the ‘Wow’ factor.
    The Mac, although the PC vs Mac guys are great comic relief, Apple needs a Mac commercial much like the iPhone as a companion commercial to the PC vs Mac guys.

    My 2 cents.

  5. @macmac: I agree.
    E.g., show a drag’n drop installation example. (“Boom!”)

    Hell, show them drag’n drop all in itself!
    PC users don’t use this often because their windows are maximized all the time (Even though the functionality is often there, but in a inconsistent manner, as usual when somebody copies ideas without really “getting” them)

  6. It hits home only for those who get a new computer, excited at what it’ll do, only to find out that there’s not a whole lot– that’s why most use theirs for email and “googling things.”

    It doesn’t have the flair of some of the others, but it will resonate with…oh… millions.

  7. The geeks reading this board are not the target audience. Think — the morons at work that can barely turn their computer on. Now that is the target audience; people who would even have no idea that a board like this exists.

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