JAJAH releases version 2.0 of Apple iPhone calling application

JAJAH today released version 2.0 of its calling application for the Apple iPhone. In addition to saving on international calls, users will have an iPhone style dial pad, iPhone address book and full calling functionally with the device.

Hand-in-hand with JAJAH’s developer community, the enhanced application enables users to make low cost international calls directly from the iPhone. The application combines the best of both worlds: The reliability and quality of a standard landline or cell phone while profiting from the cost savings of Internet telephony. Apple users have modified the application on top of the JAJAH platform to make it look exactly like any other phone call on an iPhone device! There is no need to install an application so users globally can use the service without any jailbreaks. This new JAJAH Web app is available from today at http://iphone.jajah.com.

“We were the first company to release an international calling application for the iPhone. We released it on the day the first iPhone was sold,” said Roman Scharf, JAJAH co-founder, in the press release. “It quickly became one of our fastest growing applications and we got huge feedback from the Apple faithful, who have worked with us to do a complete redesign. We encourage all iPhone users to try it and save — you will be amazed and will agree that JAJAH is the perfect app for the iPhone!”

The Apple iPhone has been named the invention of the year 2007 and will be one of the hottest holiday gifts for the season. The iPhone has demonstrated its lead in next generation mobile devices. This revolutionary piece of technology has recently launched outside of the United States.

To place an international call, users simply use the Web apps dial pad or click a name in their address book and JAJAH connects the call right away. To sign up for the JAJAH iPhone service, visit http://www.jajah.com or http://iphone.jajah.com. Registration is free, fast, easy and confidential.

Source: JAJAH

Benny Goldman explains for Gizmodo, “You hit the person you want, then Jajah calls you back and acts as the middleman, using VoIP to connect you to the other party’s landline. You are still using your plan’s minutes on top of Jajah’s VoIP rates, so it makes no sense to use this for calls within the US. While calling cards provide less expensive options to communicate with people overseas, you don’t always have a card. This is more of an option of convenience, letting you worry about things other than calling card PIN numbers.”

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  1. Glad the article pointed out that this is *not* true voip on the iPhone. There was a lot of confusion about this at first. You are still using your minutes. AT&T;still gets paid. I wish you could get skype on the iPhone. Use wifi instead of cellular–stick it to the man. Don’t think at&t;will ever allow it though. Too bad 🙁

  2. Some here don’t seem to understand how this thing works. While you still use your AT&T;minutes, AT&T;gets nothing for your international call. If you’re within your minutes allotment, AT&T;gets nothing for these calls. In that sense, this service is nice and it “sticks it to the man” (to quote a previous poster).

    This little tool is not exactly as revolutionary as the article implies. All it does is connects a long distance service with your phone and then dials the other number. This works exactly the same way through many other third-party long distance providers with a web-site. You go to their web-site, type in your call-back number (which is your iPhone, or any other phone for that matter), then, if you wish, type in the international number you’re about to call. The site will tell you to disconnect your internet link (if you’re on a dial-up modem and the callback number is on the same line). Your phone will ring; you pick up, an automated answerer tells you to wait a second and then dials the number you’re calling.

    In other words, all Jajah provides is iPhone-formatted web-site for accessing the long-distance provider of their choice. It also gives zou access to your iPhone address book. I suppose there is some convenience in that.

  3. I use voip every day for local and international calls. I used an excellent program on the Blackberry Pearl called iSkoot. When I got the iPhone I really wanted a replacement. I have now settled on Mobivox for the time being. I think it will take a lot to come up with a more simple and better idea. Mobivox rates are generally much cheaper than Jahjah and you don’t have to go through the hassle of connecting through the iPhone web browser.

    Mobivox rates: http://www.mobivox.com/rates/
    Jahjah rates: http://www.jajah.com/info/rates/

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