RUMOR: Apple prepping Mac Tablet and new iPhone

Apple is preparing a Mac Tablet and a new iPhone, according to rumors repeated by’s Gary Krakow and Scott Moritz.

Krakow says that “if anybody could make tablets work, it’s Apple… [Unlike all of the other PC makers], Apple might be able to make it work.”

As for the iPhone, Moritz says that “we’ve reported that [the 3G iPhone] will be out in the first quarter [2008], I think we’ve confirmed that today again, ummm…”

MacDailyNews Note: CNBC’s Jim Goldman, who we consider to be, oh, about 1,000 times more credible than Scott Moritz, today reported that Apple would debut a 3G iPhone in June 2008, not “in the first quarter.”

Krakow explains that 3G “eats batteries” which is why the first iPhone used EDGE, but there is a new “3G phone on a chip” from Broadcom on the horizon that Apple might be very interested.

Krakow thinks Apple made the right decision to wait for 3G technology to catch up, rather than making a thicker, heavier iPhone. Krakow also says that if you want an iPhone now, then buy it now. If you can wait “months and months” then wait, but “always know that whatever you buy, there’ll be a new model three or four months down the line. So, if you want the iPhone or are thinking about giving it as Christmas or holiday gift, do it.”

Watch the full video report here.


  1. There already is a “tablet PC” from Apple. It’s called the iPhone (and iPod touch). All that’s needed for it to be considered a “real” tablet PC by the popular media is a slightly larger screen and an upgrade in bundled software. After all, the iPhone’s multi-touch interface is the ideal interface for a tablet computer. Current Windows-based tablet PCs are compromised versions of “desktop” software where a stylus replaces the mouse. That’s why they fail to gain acceptance.

    So there will not be a “Mac tablet” at MacWorld in January. It will no doubt be the long-rumored ultra-thin MacBook instead. When Apple does release a computer marketed as a “tablet,” it will not be called a “Mac” and it will use a refined and upgraded version of iPhone’s GUI.

  2. @jubie…

    the iPhone already allows wifi everywhere that technology allows it. Doesn’t matter where I go, if there is wifi there, I can access it.

    Apple doesn’t need to upgrade the iPhone to allow for unlimited wifi, providers do.

  3. Bingo, ATT needs to offer access to WiFi with your monthy service plan… Just like the European (British?) carriers are doing (since Edge sucks worse there, and is less penetrated from what I know).

    Now… what about HSDPA and 4G? And is 3G really that much faster than good WiFi?

  4. I’m not sure, but wifi hotspots only allow you to surf around that particular area, and not hop from one hotspot to another seamlessly, right? Of course, assuming that you’re going from one Starbucks to meet your friends at another starbucks…. your session will be terminated and then reconnected? Just curious as that, to me, would seem to be the only positive thing of having 3G (continuous roaming) over wifi. But as of right now, i only use wifi at home and at the office, so its not a big issue right now.

  5. 2003 interview:

    M [Walt Mossberg]: A lot of people think given the success you’ve had with portable devices, you should be making a tablet or a PDA.

    J [Steve Jobs]: There are no plans to make a tablet. It turns out people want keyboards. When Apple first started out, “People couldn’t type. We realized: Death would eventually take care of this.” “We look at the tablet and we think it’s going to fail.” Tablets appeal to rich guys with plenty of other PCs and devices already. “And people accuse us of niche markets.” I get a lot of pressure to do a PDA. What people really seem to want to do with these is get the data out . We believe cell phones are going to carry this information. We didn’t think we’d do well in the cell phone business. What we’ve done instead is we’ve written what we think is some of the best software in the world to start syncing information between devices. We believe that mode is what cell phones need to get to. We chose to do the iPod instead of a PDA.

  6. @BiZarRo BaLlmEr —

    Very nice reminder. Steve is great at dodging issues and misleading listeners, especially competitors. If there is anything true abut Apple’s approach, it’s that they will target something that likely exists already in some shabby form and retool it to become something beautiful and easy to use.

    Tablets as they exist now may not be the form factor that would use, but Steve at one point joked about a 10″ iPod on stage. My guess is that he had been playing around with one in an Apple lair somewhere.

    If it kicks ass, it’ll be released. Cool stuff to watch. The next few years are going to be phenomenal.

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