ZDNet blogger irrationally blames Steve Jobs for Hollywood’s ‘DVD with iTunes version’ idea

“It seems that Steve Jobs is looking for a new way to make money from consumers (Steve Jobs looking for a way to make money, that’s not news I hear you say … read on …),” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes blogs for ZDNet.

Kingsley-Hughes writes, “This time his idea is that Hollywood should start selling ‘premium’ DVDs that contain an iTunes-compatible version of the movie for an extra few bucks. This would allow consumers to legally have a copy of the DVD on any device – on any device that has the Apple logo on it, that is (which raises the idea that this is just another way of strengthening the ever-growing iPod/iTunes monopoly). It seems that fair use is OK in the eyes of Steve Jobs, as long as it comes at a price.”

MacDailyNews Take: Perhaps he thought we or his readers wouldn’t, but we clicked the link that Kingsley-Hughes supplied (“extra few bucks”) above. Then we read the article. In it, Saul Hansell blogs for The New York Times and reports that “the studios are hoping to create ‘premium’ versions of DVDs that include a copy of the movie that can easily be put on an iPod (and presumably a laptop with iTunes or an Apple TV).” So, it’s the studios, not Steve Jobs that seem to be looking for a new way to make money from consumers. Either Adrian Kingsley-Hughes has a severe reading disability or he’s a liar or both. Or maybe he’s just conducting a test to see if anyone can make up anything even if they themselves provide a link that totally refutes what they’re saying?

We highly recommend skipping the Kingsley-Hughes fabrication and instead reading Saul Hansell’s full blog post here.

Kingsley-Hughes continues incorrectly and irrationally blaming Steve Jobs for the Hollywood’s love of DRM and bundling for profit in his full article, Think Before You Click™, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Now, back to the real point: would you buy a “premium” DVD with an iTunes version of the movie US$3-4 more?


  1. that’s actually a good idea if they did that. i subscribe to Blockbuster online, get 6 movies per week for about 25 bucks, rip them in the computer in apple tv and ipod format, and also make DVD copies, and voila, i have a huge movie library. it they did this, i won’t have to bother to rip them and re-encode them myself. i’ll just copy the movies directly from the dvd into iTunes.

  2. I think what they SHOULD do is make it legal to rip a movie to iTunes just like they do with audio from CD’s.

    Even if they added DRM that attached it to your iTunes, i think that would be OK, just let us do it legally.

    OTOH, this would allow anyone to steal a movie if they rented it, which is probably the big reason they don’t do this.

  3. That is so funny. MDN, you forgot to mention that iTunes runs on more than just Apple hardware. So, unless you are only counting iPod and like devices, such files would be usable on Window boxes as well. Only a retard would exclude desktops and laptops.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you Adrian Kingsley-Hughes for having the courage and insight to call Apple’s assault on the helpless consumer what it is when you say enhanded DVDs are “…just another way of strengthening the ever-growing iPod/iTunes monopoly.”

    Us fortunate few who aren’t afflicted with MAC lemming-ism clearly see how Apple has destroyed consumer choice with I-Tunes and I-Pods. Kingsley-Hughes gets it. I don’t see why smug, holier-than-thou MAC lemmings don’t get it. I call on governments across the globe to outlaw Apple’s tyrannical monopoly. What can you do to fight this evil? Buy a Zune. Before it’s too late.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  5. I guess you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t, huh?

    They (either the studios or Steve Jobs/Apple) are trying to make it to where you have to pay for a version for your iPod, iPhone, etc instead of simply stealing it by ripping it to iTunes, and they’re still getting bad-mouthed. Isn’t that what the studios have been wanting all along? For ppl to pay for the content they produce. WTF?! Now it’s like, OMG I can’t believe they want me to pay for this! (“It seems that fair use is OK in the eyes of Steve Jobs, as long as it comes at a price.”)

  6. I’d be okay with having the studios charge $1 or 2 for the convenience of having the movie already prepped for the iPod. It’s a convenience charge – it’ll save me the still lengthy time to rip and convert, or the still lengthy time to download, and the space to store an extra copy.

    But $3 or 4 is too much for convenience.

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