RBC Capital raises estimates on Apple based on ‘massive Mac momentum,’ European iPhone success

In a note to clients yesterday, analysts at RBC Capital Markets reiterated their “outperform” rating on Apple Inc. (AAPL) shares and raised their estimates on the Cupertino California-based Mac-, iPod-, and iPhone-maker.

November data from the firm’s Technology Adoption Panel point to ‘massive Mac momentum’ in the current holiday quarter. RBC expects 2.4 million Macs to be shipped in the holiday quarter, up 9% over last quarter’s all-time Mac sales record (2.2 million units) and 47% over last year’s holiday quarter. The firm expects worldwide Mac share to rise to 3.7% in calendar year 2008, up from an estimated 3.1% in calendar 2007, with Mac share of the U.S. PC market rising to 9.3% from 7.2%.

The analysts say that, based on store visits and meetings with carriers, Apple’s iPhone has been received well in Europe. Apple’s European iPhone sales are also ready to surge, with the product’s launch in other nations and the expected rollout of a next-gen 3G iPhone in “the first half of 2008,” the analysts added.

EPS estimates for FY08 and FY09 have been raised from $4.80 to $4.81 and from $6.00 to $6.02, respectively. Analysts upped thier target price from $205 to $215.

RBC Capital expects Apple to sell 400,000-500,000 iPhones in Europe in Apple fiscal first quarter 2008.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward R,” for the heads up.]

The season of fake Apple discontent is over. Time to make some money!


  1. Massive MAC momentum? That’s so funny I just spit coffee all over my Dell keyboard—don’t worry, the IT guys have extras, so I’m covered.

    Anyway, if analysts knew what the average consumer knows they wouldn’t be writing these blatant lies…

    FACT: MACs can’t play games,
    FACT: MACs are expensive,
    FACT: MACs are toys which aren’t productive in business environments,
    FACT: MACs can’t run Zune Marketplace,
    FACT: The only reason MACs don’t get viruses is no one cares about Apple’s miniscule market share,

    I could go on and on. Maybe someday these so-called analysts will wake up.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  2. Look out Redmond, the tsunami is coming. You better head for higher ground.

    With students and consumers now convinced that the Mac is by far the best choice, small business is next. Small businesses are realizing they can greatly reduce their IT costs and headaches and concentrate on their business rather than deal with computer issues when they use Mac systems.

    Then after small businesses add to the tide, big businesses will start to follow, albeit slowly because dinosaurs don’t move too fast.

    How much sweeter can it be when the little guy who produces a truly great product beats the bully who produces crap.

    Microsoft, say hello to the Apocalypse.

  3. Apple will kick ass in ’08

    5 millions Mac will be shipped during the holiday quarter.

    Mac share to rise to 6% in calendar year 2008 from 3.1% in calendar 2007, with Mac share of the U.S. PC market rising to 12% from 7.2%.

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