Troll Touch debuts Apple iMac 20- and 24-inch touchscreen systems

Troll Touch, provider of custom touchscreen systems for Apple hardware, today announced the immediate availability of its internally integrated touchscreen product for the current Apple 20- and 24-inch aluminum iMacs.

Both systems feature the company’s high resolution touchscreen technology which supports input via fingertip, gloved hand or stylus. The touchscreen is internally connected utilizing one of the machines USB ports. Troll’s innovative component integration technique does not alter the machine’s form factor in any way. To the casual observer, the system does not appear to have been modified.

Customers may purchase completely touch-enabled packages from Troll Touch, an Apple VAR and PSP or they may supply their own, previously purchased iMac(s) to the Valencia, CA company for touchscreen integration.

Prices are as follows:
• 20-inch aluminum iMac, 2.0 GHz, touch-enabled: US$2299.00
• 20-inch aluminum iMac, 2.4 GHz, touch-enabled: $2599.00
• 20-inch touch upgrade, customer supplied iMac: $1099.00

• 24-inch aluminum iMac, 2.4 GHz, touch-enabled: $3399.00
• 24-inch aluminum iMac, 2.8 GHz, touch-enabled: $3899.00
• 24-inch touch upgrade, customer supplied iMac: $1499.00

The company also touch-enables the Apple 20-, 23- and 30-inch Cinema displays, 13-inch MacBooks, all previous iMac generations, the eMac and both the 12- and 14-inch iBook laptop models.

More info here.


  1. the other day I was using a iMac over a Smart Board. It was kind of addictingly cool. Flawed, but cool.

    Since Apple did not actually make this I am sure it does not have multitouch. if it did, Troll would be being visited by Apples lawyers.

  2. It’s a bit cost-restrictive.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple lets companies do stuff like this to see the customer response, then they develop their own model and release it.

    Remember the ModBook anyone? It was a MacBook that a third-party company would mod into a Tablet. Now we are hearing all sorts of rumors (more than usual) about a supposed “Tablet” MacBook.

  3. @ Logan

    I remember the ModBook but i’m not sure if they really sold any significant numbers. It seems like it just kinda faded away after a short while. If tthat’s the ccase, i don’t think we can use it as a basis if Apple really does come out with an “iTablet”.

    Anyone own/remember the ModBook?

  4. I actually have one of these… although I may as well not have it as it’s now completely worthless. When it works it’s really nice. It came with the software for the touchscreen installed, but no discs to reinstall. When a drive failure occurred, I contacted Troll Touch about getting it set back up. Quick responses, but they will NOT send me the drivers or software to be able to continue to use it, and they responded that they require that I send it back, pay $250+s/h to ‘upgrade’ the controller, and setup the software for it. Don’t buy this expecting to be able to use it for a long time, if your drive fails, or you try to reinstall for some reason (upgrade OS, etc.), you’ll probably encounter something as I did, and have pay more to get it ‘upgraded’ to work again

    I’m happily going back to Microsoft, but hoping Apple can do a touchscreen soon, as I’ll never buy from Troll Touch.

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