Microsoft to add iPhone, iPod sync to Office’s PowerPoint 2008

“Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac will let users port PowerPoint presentations to iPhones and video-equipped iPods, Microsoft Corp. said yesterday as it unveiled the latest details of the suite scheduled to ship in January,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

“PowerPoint 2008, the presentation maker included in the bundle, can export creations as a series of pictures — but not video — to iPhoto ’06 and later. Alternately, users can save the slides to the Mac’s Pictures folder,” Keizer reports.

“iPhones and iPods that boast video viewing — the iPod touch, the newest iPod nano and the iPod classic — can also connect to a larger screen television or a projector using Apple’s $49 component AV cable,” Keizer reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s Keynote (part of iWorks ’08) already can export to iTunes, where Keynote presentations can be synced to iPods or iPhones.


  1. igads,
    I would like to preserve the presentation as it was designed in Keynote. I really don’t want to flip through a series of still images in Quicktime.

    A keynote viewer would be great for me as I am constantly sending presentations to clients and colleagues. The one with a Mac (and Keynote) can see the presentation as it was designed — including the transitions and animations. The only way to preserve these effects is to export as a Quicktime movie.

    Oh well… I’ll wait.

  2. Whether you buy Office 2008 or not, Mac users should support Microsoft when it supports the Mac OS X platform. Based on past releases, the next release of Office for Mac (after 2008) will be 2012. Perhaps by then, “Microsoft Office” will not be so prevalent. In 2000 and 2004, having an Office for Mac product was essential. In 2008, it’s not as crucial, but Apple still needs Office for Mac to be available; it makes the Mac OS X platform stronger. Having an Intel native (Universal) release of Office available is much better for Apple than not having it at all, even if it meant more sales of iWork ’08.

    The MacBu at Microsoft is the largest group of Mac developers outside of Apple. It does good work. We should support and encourage their effort.

  3. Pre-announced, yes. A MS “favor”, maybe.

    Still very surprising that it happened. MS has been flooding the airwaves here with Windows Mobile’s glorious ability to handle Office documents (ability, not ease).

    Assuming the Office sync does happen, isn’t that a MS admission that iPod and iPhone exist & are worth supporting?

    Or should we be very leery of this, and wonder what MS’s real intentions are?

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