Google Gadgets for Mac to debut on Thursday

“Google will release a version of Google Desktop for the Mac tomorrow that lets users install gadgets — something previous versions didn’t support. At first I was skeptical — why would Mac users need a sidebar when they already have their dashboard? Well, it turns out there is no sidebar, and gadgets are installed into the dashboard,” Garett Rogers blogs for ZDNet.

Rogers reports, “Until now, developers were forced to port their gadgets using tools like the Amnesty Generator if they wanted their work to run on a Mac — but that’s a thing of the past.”

Full article here.

Elinor Mills blogs for CNET, “‘For users, this means they can install hundreds of Google Gadgets with just one click and run them in Dashboard. They can also use Gadgets to enhance their personal Web sites by copying and pasting the HTML into the page’s source code,’ Google says.”

Mills reports, “And now developers can create one set of gadgets that will work on both PC and Mac platforms.”

Full article here.


  1. Google ‘thingies’ are not that nice, at least I’ve had problems with many of them, to the point I’ve abandoned all. Just fine as web sites and such, but as apps they have not made me happy.

  2. And now developers can create one set of gadgets that will work on both PC and Mac platforms

    Not on my Mac! Unless someone shows me a truly exceptional Google widget, i don’t want to be farting around with additional software to make some lame-o widget work.

  3. Just one more example of Macs being able to run everything under the sun (whether poorly done or not) while Windows based PCs are more limited because they cannot run the often superior Mac apps.

    The only worry I have is that some developers might forego writing Mac-native Widgets in favour of PC optimized Gadgets under the excuse they are serving the Mac users as well.

  4. Google just wants everyones data and info. I avoid it like the plague, except on my work computer which yeah I know they still know it’s me throught the ip number but in theory it could be anyone using my computer.

    Google not get my Goodies.

  5. With FaceBook Beacon broadcasting your purchases, donations, and movies you attend, the less information Google gets, the better. You never know when privacy policies can change… at the drop of a large sum of money.

    How Beacon works… Flash demo:

    Online petition against Beacon:

    Letting Facebook get away with this means others will follow.

    So I’ll pass on Google’s desktop.

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