Retail survey shows Apple’s MacBook is ‘King of all Macs’

“Apple Inc. has a number of chic, high-tech products that consumers can’t get enough of, but among its computer lines, the MacBook reigns as king,” Daniel Jacobs reports for International Business Times.

“‘Based on our data, MacBooks were perceived to have generated greater interest (and purchases) than iMacs among consumers this past weekend, and we believe this will continue throughout the holiday season,’ said ThinkEquity analyst, Darren Aftahi,” Jacobs reports.

“Of retail stores surveyed, 91% of the stores perceived that purchases of MacBooks exceeded those of iMacs. MacBooks trumped in terms of popularity, as well, with 80% of stores perceiving them to be more popular than iMacs, this past weekend,” Jacobs reports. “A worldwide shift away from desktop machines towards portable computers affirms the MacBook’s popularity over its cousin.”

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Daniel Drew Turner reports for eWeek, “Apple continues to consistently sell more laptops than desktops, even as a major iMac upgrade enabled desktop sales to achieve a temporary parity with mobile models in 2007.”

“‘The last three 10Ks showed that Apple is selling more laptops than desktops,’ said Tim Bajarin, president of consultancy Creative Strategies,” Turner reports. “Bajarin said, ‘More and more consumers are discovering the Mac’s ease of use and powerful new OS and this has especially driven up the sales of their laptops.'”

“During the company’s earnings call for the fourth quarter of 2007, Apple Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer said, ‘Demand for Apple’s MacBooks and MacBook Pros continued to be very strong. Sales of portables increased 37 percent over the prior September quarter and accounted for 62 percent of Macs sold,'” Turner reports.

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  1. I thought long and hard about paying the extra bit to have a good desktop, or having a cheap macbook.

    With the capacity to have the macbook upgraded to 4gb, it’s now more future proof than the iMac.

    And plus, the future is the trackpad, not the mouse.

  2. Even before the much maligned “glossy screen” iMac I had decided to switch from a G5 iMac to the then new 15″ MacBook Pro. A 20″ Cinema display for critical editing and all is good! Apple needs to get larger HD’s standard in the portables then the sales will really skyrocket. Desktops may never die, just slowly fade away.

  3. OK. This is probably heresy but….

    …I don’t like touchpads. I prefer the little nubs that some laptop makers put on their laptops,but the only one that is worth anything is the one on the ThinkPad series.

    But that is just me. I hate pads.

  4. “..I don’t like touchpads. I prefer the little nubs that some laptop makers put on their laptops,but the only one that is worth anything is the one on the ThinkPad series.”

    You’ve got to be kidding me! Those little “nubs” are horrible input devices. At least I’ve never found them intuitive or easy to use.

    As for the trackpad, do you use the two-finger scrolling technique? That’s highly addictive.

  5. The fact that “Apple continues to consistently sell more laptops than desktops” may not be entirely the result of the overall growth of the Mac market. My guess is that it’s also specifically related to the growing popularity of Macs among the younger generation, who are perhaps choosing the Mac in larger numbers than their older counterparts and who are also much more likely to live a mobile lifestyle.

  6. Well,
    If I have a notebook, and my wife has a notebook, and we still have a desktop then that means twice as many notebooks in our house. Notebooks tend to be more “personal” than the desktop, so you may see multiple folks in a household with a laptop. A desktop is still nice to have, tho.

  7. OS X has long supported the “right click” for context sensitive menus. Apple released the Mighty Mouse, that supports “right click”. When will they make a “right click” for the Mac Books, be it a second button or something wonderfully innovative in the Apple tradition ? <Ctrl> click just doesn’t cut it!

    (For the lefties out there, please replace “right” with “left”.)

  8. as far as the contextual menus go…how about they just re-institute how it was in like OS 8 where you could simply hold down the mouse button and the contextual menu would appear?
    Unsanity’s Fruit Menu for Tiger allows this. Hasn’t yet been updated for Leopard though.

  9. Amazing that folks just gotta have them “right clicking blues” or else they’ll never be able to get anything done with their Macs. I never right click on anything, and yet I am able to get things done on our Macs.

    Simpler is better.

  10. Can anybody take a guess when those new Macbook Pros come out? I wanna buy one (17″) for Christmas, but I don’t wanna be stuck with dead tech if Apple comes out with something new in January. It’s been about 2 years that the MBP has been on the market. Suggestions?

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