A smattering of U.K. iPhone users complain of reception problems inside buildings

“Apple Inc. may be having teething problems with another iPhone rollout, this time in the U.K. Some people who have bought the iPhone since it went on sale there on Nov. 9 are complaining of a weak signal or no signal from O2 (U.K.) Ltd.’s network,” James Niccolai reports for IDG News Service.

“About three dozen people have reported problems with reception, mostly when they are indoors, in threads at Apple’s discussion board. Some said they have received a good signal when using different phones, also on O2’s network, in the same location,” Niccolai reports.

“A few people said the problem clears up when they put their phones in the charger cradles, even if the chargers aren’t plugged in. That led to speculation that the antennas in their iPhones are weak or faulty and that the signals get a boost when touching metal components in the cradles,” Niccolai reports.

“Along with the complaints, about 10 people wrote that their phones were working perfectly,” Niccolai reports.

“A spokeswoman for O2 said there are ‘no problems whatsoever’ with the O2 network. She said O2 is ‘aware’ of the discussion thread at Apple’s board, but she would not say whether O2 considers it a problem or whether it is investigating,” Niccolai reports. “There were no significant complaints about other types of connectivity on the device, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.”

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Emma Thelwell, claiming “more than a hundred complaints” regarding reception issues, reports for The Telegraph that “up to 40,000 iPhones were sold over the weekend of the launch of the much coveted gadget, according to O2, the exclusive network provider.”

Full article here.

You know your company’s under the microscope when 36 (or even “more than a hundred”) people* out of 40,000 report reception problems and it qualifies as “news” in some places.

*Along with 10 people who say their iPhones are working perfectly.


  1. It’s not just the UK. Using an iPhone on the German T-Mobile network I am clearly underwhelmed by the reception of the iPhone. My average no. of lost calls was 2-3 a day with my Nokia and now is 8-10 with the iPhone. Would I switch back? Probably not. (I am a bit naive and just hope it will get better over time.)

  2. I wonder if this is a power saving issue? Perhaps Apple reduces the gain on the signal when the iPhone is operating off of its battery in order to preserve battery life? That is one possible (but highly speculative) explanation for why reception might improve when the iPhone is docked. That would be a good thing, if true, because Apple could then improve the situation by updating the software/firmware.

    Or I could be full of it…

  3. My iPhone’s O2 reception is rubbish indoors at home too. and much better when it’s on its cradle. That makes it very tricky to make a call ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    My previous (Vodaphone) mobile phone was no better though.

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