Analyst expects Apple to sell record 25 million iPods in holiday quarter

“After analyzing October sales data from market research firm NPD, investment bank Piper Jaffray said Wednesday it expects Apple will sell a record 25 million iPods during the three-month period ending December,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

MacDailyNews Note: During last year’s holiday quarter, Apple sold 21,066,000 iPods, the company’s current quarterly record.

“‘While it is way too early to make a definitive call on December quarter iPod results, we have analyzed the first month of NPD data for the quarter and found that it suggests iPod units of 24 million to 25 million,’ analyst Gene Munster wrote in a brief research note,” Marsal reports.

Piper Jaffray maintains a “Buy” rating on Apple (AAPL) with a $250 price target.

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  1. 25-26 million iPods seems like a fair bet, but – more importantly – there is the prospect of the average revenue/unit being increased from last year’s $163 (the average for FY07 was $161); if the iPod Touch shifts in sufficient volume, there is a possibility that the numbers might increase to as much as $200 (a level not seen for 18 months) which would have the effect of bringing in $5 billion of revenue.

    For a sense of perspective – something which would be of benefit to the shareholder group that is going after Apple’s management for a second time – it is worth noting that, for the same quarter back in 2000 (Q1/01), Apple somehow contrived to make a loss of $195 million. A further fact worth noting is that total revenue (net sales) for the whole of FY2001 was $5.36 billion for a total loss of $25 million.

    Personally, I’m prepared to put my money on a $9 billion quarter; a figure which – in itself – exceeds the revenue for the whole of FY2004.

  2. I could see far more than that – perhaps 30+ million considering the tremendous appeal of the new nanos and the novelty of the iPod touch. I have four kids ranging from 6 to 11 and two of them are getting an 8GB nano with a hand-me-down 1GB nano going to the third kid. I don’t even have one…

    My mother-in-law has two shuffles, each dedicated to a specific type of content. This is only the beginning.

    I honestly believe that both U.S. sales and worldwide sales of iPods will be incredible this holiday season.

  3. Piper Jaffray is kidding, right? What analyst school did they graduate from? Moron University?

    Now if these idiots replace ‘i-POD’ with ‘Zune’ in their analysis they might be onto something. Would it kill you MAC lemmings & so-called analysts to at least look at a Zune? Once you go Zune you don’t go back. You see it squirt once and you know you gotta have it.

    25 million Zunes, 900 i-PODs this quarter. You read it here first.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  4. @Zune Tang®

    put down the jenkem. btw, i keep mine in a brown Zune i found in a dumpster.

    magic word” “end”, as in my luv for C1n seems to be a dead “end”, so far. i may as well “end” it all. (after aapl hits 250.)

  5. A nice number, but “only” a 20% gain (though the numbers are so big the days of 100% gains are long ago).

    Still, Apple’s financial forecasts were above the street this quarter, and Apple is famous for lowballing the forecast so they can crush it.

    But they also said macs would be flat to slightly down (seasonality) and we know iPhones are accounted for as subscriptions, so they can’t cause a huge bump in revenues/profits.

    Based on that, this number seems a little low… unless it is all about selling higher priced ipods. Hmm… a shift from away from shuffles due to video? Yeah, that could be the thought.

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