Apple powers early tech sector rise

Technology stocks bounced back in early NASDAQ trading on Tuesday morning, led by Mac, iPod-, and iPhone-maker Apple Inc.

In early action, Apple shares were up $11.68, or 7.6%, to $165.44 on heavy volume of 15.88 million shares.

The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index rose 39.82 points to 2,6123.95.

Apple quote via NASDAQ here.


  1. Do you get the impression that Wall Street is playing us? The scenario is getting familiar: big funds drive down a stock, shake out the little guys, then buy back in on the dip. It shows what contempt Wall Street has for ordinary investors.

    I’m with the others here, and I’m holding fast. The hysteria of the past couple of days is a “the sky is falling” reaction to sub-prime mortgage portfolios held by banks and mortgage lenders, but so far, there is no facts to support that Apple’s earnings will be impacted. That said, I can’t help but to be suspicious that a concerted effort has been made to whipsaw the price of Apple stock in an effort by big players to exploit the situation, gaining an opportunity to zip while others zag.

    I won’t budge with my investment in Apple. But if I am right, and I hope I am not, it’s stock manipulation of a tall order. And that is more than unethical. If you ask me what I think of many on Wall Street, my response would be unfit for viewing on this site.

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