“I’m going to try to be equitable here, because no one needs to read another anti-Vista rant or Apple-is-God paean. Windows does some things very well; it’s Previous Versions feature in Vista, for example, has rescued a number of my precious documents from user-induced oblivion. That said, it’s hard to be totally even-handed when Leopard (aka Mac OS 10.5) so handily outshines any other computing interface heretofore created by human beings,” Chris Dannen blogs for Fast Company.

“I’ve been using Leopard for only a few days, and it’s already changed the way I understand the limits of a personal computer,” Dannen writes.

“Leopard’s salient improvements will trickle down to the next version of Windows, as well as the next round of cell phones, public computing systems, and handhelds. As more companies look to Apple for copycat material, more of what makes the Mac OS great will improve computing on the whole. Apple may have only 6% market share, but it’s safe to bet that whether or not you intend to, you’ll eventually be loving something about Leopard. So save yourself some time, give in, and try it now,” Dannen writes.

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