Time Magazine names Apple iPhone ‘Invention of the Year’

“The most talked-about cell phone is getting more juice for the jabber,” The Associated Press reports. “Time Magazine has named the iPhone ‘Invention of the Year.'”

“‘Intel’s 45-nanometer (parts for chips) – that’s a serious deal, but it’s a lot less glamorous than the iPhone even though it’s important,’ said Lev Grossman, a Time staff writer who covers technology and helped select the magazine’s annual honorees,” AP reports.

“The wide-ranging impact of the iPhone – on the cell phone industry and how it will evolve into an ever more useful handheld computer – is only beginning, he concludes,” AP reports.

Full article here.


  1. @ Eric

    I agree! MS Surface is not only a big-ass table, it’s a big-ass table with a computer and (i believe) some projectors in it.

    If anything deserves this accolade, it’s the Surface. Even the name sounds kinda cool…the Surface.

  2. Agree with the choice, love it completely, but damn AT&T;please fix your weak signal. Those commercials about *not* having dropped calls are only funny if you’re not the network that drops every other call.

  3. Man, I wish I was the chair supplier to Microsoft – I’d have my delivery guys just sit in a truck outside Monkey Boy’s office and roll ’em in and try to salvage whatever hit the pavement outside.

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