“People new to the Mac and existing users alike will be wowed by many of the reportedly 300 new features built into Apple’s latest update to its OS X operating system, Leopard,” Joe Hutsko reports for MSNBC.

“These include a no-brainer backup system, a screen utility that turns a single Mac screen into virtually several screens at once, and improvements to the iChat video chat program that makes it easy to share pictures or a PowerPoint presentation with a friend or coworker in another office or in another country as if you were sitting right next to each other,” Hutsko reports.

“Is Leopard worth its $129 price of admission? It depends. Some of Leopard’s new features, such as Spaces and Time Machine, can be had in one form or another with third-party add-ons. Even so, having those new features and the many smaller but significant improvements to Mail, iCal, the Finder and other programs are reason enough for many to justify the $129 price of admission,” Hutsko reports.

“The users who will be most impressed with Leopard are those new buyers saying goodbye to Windows and hello to Mac for the first time. For the rest of us, Leopard’s sum of parts adds up to an even better experience with an already excellent operating system,” Hutsko reports.

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