MSNBC reviews Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard: ‘An even better experience with an already excellent OS’

“People new to the Mac and existing users alike will be wowed by many of the reportedly 300 new features built into Apple’s latest update to its OS X operating system, Leopard,” Joe Hutsko reports for MSNBC.

“These include a no-brainer backup system, a screen utility that turns a single Mac screen into virtually several screens at once, and improvements to the iChat video chat program that makes it easy to share pictures or a PowerPoint presentation with a friend or coworker in another office or in another country as if you were sitting right next to each other,” Hutsko reports.

“Is Leopard worth its $129 price of admission? It depends. Some of Leopard’s new features, such as Spaces and Time Machine, can be had in one form or another with third-party add-ons. Even so, having those new features and the many smaller but significant improvements to Mail, iCal, the Finder and other programs are reason enough for many to justify the $129 price of admission,” Hutsko reports.

“The users who will be most impressed with Leopard are those new buyers saying goodbye to Windows and hello to Mac for the first time. For the rest of us, Leopard’s sum of parts adds up to an even better experience with an already excellent operating system,” Hutsko reports.

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  1. After testing it out for a few days on an older machine, I installed it on my wife’s laptop and she loves it. She likes the way it looks. For me, I love that Quick Look. I haven’t configured Spaces yet, but that looks like a promising feature.

  2. Leopard breathed new life into my “Kernel Panic” G5 2.3 Powermac. It’s like a new machine!

    On my MacPro QuadCore 3 GHz, it is fast, but has locked a few times…not those gentle reboot locks either, but that pull the plug and pray variety.

    On my MacBook C2D, it’s smooth as glass. No hiccups.

    Overall, a great advance.

  3. I hope that by “PowerPoint presentation” he meant “Keynote presentation”!

    “PowerPoint” while it is a registered trademark, has become the generic name for computer generated presentations. Kind of a like a certain brand of facial tissues whose name begins with a “K”, or a brand of photocopiers whose name begins sith an “X”, or a search engine whose name begins with a “G”, or a ….

    That the name “PowerPoint” has become generic can be taken as an insult to Microsoft.

  4. Leopard made my 8-core MacPro fly even faster than before! Photoshop now opens about 3 times faster than it used to. I see speed increases across the board. I think Leopard is much more tuned for multi core processors than Tiger was. I’m totally sold on Leopard. WOW!

  5. >If only he could provide us with a link to a 3rd party Time Machine solution…

    No problem: rsync is already built into Tiger. All that’s needed is a small wrap around script that hard-links previous backups as source for new ones. Couple that with a cron job and you’re set.

    Bonus: rsync perfectly works over a network, where Time Machine still has its issues.

    If you insist on the spiffy 3D animation, Time Machine is required, else there are plenty of similar solutions on the net.

  6. ah, sweet irony – MSnbc giving leopard big praise.

    i agree with the headline quote – leopard has been absolutely superb. i like the new interface guidelines (i know some people prefer aqua, which was also nice), and i haven’t run into any bugs (other than a garageband 3 bug, which i think apple fixed, but i wouldn’t know because i upgraded to ilife 08). this along with the macbook i recently acquired has equated into the best computing experience i’ve had in my 20+ years in front of computers (not counting the nostalgia of playing commodore 64 games as a kid). =)

    the only complaint (so minor, though!) is that the UI seems a TINY bit more sluggish at times – 2.16ghz macbook with 1gb ram. it’s barely noticeable, but i bet apple will pep it up in a point update anyway.

    i sound like such a fanboy right now, but i really can’t help it – leopard is fantastic.

  7. I have not upgraded yet due to my current workload unfortunately, but plan to soon. As a graphic designer, I’m very interested in Font Book’s new auto font activation feature among the obvious and not-so-obvious other features. Apparently the new Font Book got good marks from reviewers.

    Anyone run GoLive CS2 ok on a G5 under 10.5? I heard it runs ok on a MacBook (intel). All my newer Adobe stuff should run fine, but just need first-had real world info on GL before upgrading.

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