Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard displays Windows PC on the network as BSOD on a beige monitor

Here’s “an example of the worst thing about Apple. There is simply nothing less attractive than a person who is both flawed and smug, and apparently one of the few plausible justifications for treating corporations as legal persons is the fact that this holds true for companies as well. And Apple is a smug company,” Anil Dash blogs for Dashes.

The new version 10.5 of Mac OS X rather famously features the following display when you’re browsing machines that appear to be running Microsoft Windows:

Dash writes, “Now, I’m all for a little sense of humor in the world of technology. But the image here deliberately uses an aged-looking monitor and a crashed computer as the illustration of your other computers. The disdain here isn’t for the unfortunate unwashed who have to suffer through Windows because they’re so clueless — it’s a snide shot at the other computers you own, or of your family’s other machines around the house, or of the computers of the peers you work with.”

Dash writes, “Suffice to say, the presence of this image means that there’s permission to be this passive-aggressive and, well, lame at all levels of Apple’s organization.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Lighten up, Francis. The image is seen only by Mac users. It’s nothing more than a harmless little in-joke and the chances are good that the image accurately represents the state of the Windows box (or at least its monitor) that you’re browsing. wink


  1. The MicroShaft crowd is getting a little thin-skinned lately, aren’t they? I mean, what with being Goliath to our little David, you’d think that any “affront” such as this would be brushed off with barely a muscle twitch.

    Apparently, ‘taint so. Hmmm. Suppose they’re all watching little David put the stone (Leopard) in his sling?

  2. The unfortunate byproduct of this is that another feature that this story overshadows is that when one is looking at other computers in the ‘shared’ section of your left pane, if you have a G4 or a laptop, the icon will be an accurate depiction of how that computer looks! So you can tell at a glance which of your remote computers you are looking at, even before reading the name.

    MDN magic word: life, as in get a life instead of criticising minor irritations!

  3. Well. . . I suppose it’s an in joke. But it’s still kind of tacky.

    There’s something to be said for being quietly superior. No need to stoop to this level. A beige box or some other non-copyrighted Windows image would do just as well.

    MW: “happened” As in, whatever happened to Apple’s sense of subtlety?

  4. So what creative picture is seen from a Windows machine depicting a Mac is on the network?? Assuming you can even find out how to locate another machine, it probably shows something REAL creative and intuitive like, “u98kij97kjd is not recognized by Windows – Error 45566”.

    Give me a break. THIS is something to complain about?

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