Preparing for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard installation

MacFixIt has posted guidelines “aimed at reducing common issues that occur during as a result of the [Mac OS X Leopard] upgrade process, including pre-update preparation, proper installation, and post-update maintenance.”

Topics covered include:
• Backing up your data
• Preparing your startup disk
• Other pre-update precautions:
– Make sure all devices are synchronized prior to updating
– Disconnect all external devices, update firmware
• Install options:
– Upgrade
– Archive and Install
– Erase and Install
• Upgrade applications to Leopard-ready versions, if they are available
• Disable plug-ins and other application add-ons (or upgrade them)
• Check for, and delete, corrupt .plist files
• Do not run DiskWarrior and other directory utilities after updating

Full article here.

See also, “Installing Leopard to an external firewire drive,” here.


  1. Why does any body need a “preparing guide” for OS X?
    I’ve en using Mac OS X since the leopard, cheetah, tiger, etc and NEVER, but NEVER need it to “prepare” anything. You just insert the disc, if you do not want to loose your data, select upgrade, and if you already have a backup, format and reinstall everything and that is it. Only Windows losers, sorry, users need “Preparation” but not for the installation, but for the resignation of the windows “upgrade” disaster.

  2. Viktor, if you’ve never had a problem, count yourself fortunate, OS X is great and wonderful, but most people will run into problems eventually and MacFixit just gives some nice hints (mostly common sense).

    Most won’t have problems, but 10 to 20% probably will, Apple can’t test for the millions of set ups out there.

  3. If you like to live dangerously, fine, but don’t come crying to MDN or Macfixit if something goes wrong and you lose all your data.

    What you’re saying is akin to someone saying “Backsups? Hah. I don’t need backups. I have used Macs for years without a hard drive failure.”

  4. “OS X is great and wonderful, but most people will run into problems eventually…”

    “Most won’t have problems, but 10 to 20% probably will,”

    So are most people going to have problems or not then?

  5. Macfixit does it right, but you Viktors or whatever your name is, dont.
    It’s ignorant not to backup files and aybody should know.
    I am sorry for all AppleCare staff, who has to listen to whining and complaining customers not saving important files before installing Leopard.
    The hotline has far better things to do than educating dumb people.

  6. I think I’ll do a combo of the two approaches.
    Back up first then just do the upgrade. I also have never ran into issues upgrading OS X but backups are essential either way.

    And I will be in line tomorrow too. What can I say, I Iike Mac t-shirts ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  7. Slapped every update-panther to tiger, tiger incremental updates-on as soon as it became available without a single issue.
    Will do the same when I get my copy of leopard tomorrow.

    If I break it, I will fix it-no whining, crying and pointing my finger at everyone else blaming them for it.

  8. Is this a joke? Since when is upgrading from OS X to OS X dangerous? It’s always just worked, almost perfectly, maybe a few minor hiccups. You should have a backup anyways, but I wouldn’t agonize over it.

    This guy must being coming from the Windows world, where upgrading OS can lead to all sorts of disaster. It can be difficult to break old Windows habits.

  9. I’m with Viktor, never had a problem and I’m sure I never will, always do an Archive and Install, cause an upgrade takes too long. Guys it’s a Mac, not Windows, yeah human error can slip in, but for gods sake how long have Apple been sitting on Leopard, if the Install doesn’t work there’s something far wrong. And waiting for .2 or .3 ain’t gonna help the install any, cause you’ll need .0 first!

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