Mossberg: Shun the Windows dilemma and buy a superior Apple Macintosh

“Vista has proved to be a disappointment, even though Microsoft says it’s selling like hotcakes. Based on my own experience and on reports from readers, it’s clear that many Vista PCs start up more slowly than new PCs running its predecessor, Windows XP, or than even well-worn Macs. And there is still a significant compatibility problem: Too many software and hardware products still don’t run, or don’t run properly, with Vista,” Walt Mossberg writes in his annual fall PC buyer’s guide for The Wall Street Journal.

“So, if you’re shopping for a new Windows computer, one of your first decisions is whether you want to get Vista, which comes on almost all new models, or to stick with Windows XP,” Mossberg writes.

MacDailyNews Take: This is what it’s come to in Windows PC Land (aka Personal Computing Hell): Get a bloated Windows Vista that’s plagued with incompatibilities and frustrations while trying desperately (and failing) to look and act like an older version of Apple’s Mac OS X or go with an old (released on October 25, 2001 — six years ago!), upside-down and backwards Windows XP that’s still trying desperately (and failing) to look and act like Apple’s Classic Mac OS. Sheesh.

Mossberg continues, “Your other option is to shun the Windows dilemma and buy a Macintosh. I regard the Mac operating system as superior to Windows, and Apple embeds it in beautifully designed machines. Macs have been spared the plague of viruses and spyware that afflicts Windows, and have better built-in multimedia software.”

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  1. A friend of mine just let me know he spent $2000 on a new high end rig. I tried to warn him, but I think he got tired of of what he perceived to be salt rubbing.

    Here’s the real funny thing, he got this “biggest F-ing machine he’s even seen” so that he could edit video of his new daughter. He could’ve gotten a comparable iMac for about $500 less.

    Poor stubborn bastard. The real sad part of the story, is that I probably won’t hear about the all the trouble he’s having. Guy’s not very fond of I told you sos.

  2. The biggest disappointment about Vista is it’s ungodly, ridiculously slow file cut/copy/move/delete operations. Whether you’re working with files on your hard drive, on an external, or over a network, expect copying, moving and deleting to take at least 10 times longer than it would on XP. I have two vista machines and one XP. A routine network copy I have to perform every day for work takes 3 minutes on XP, and 30 on either of my Vista machines. A little googling reveals that this is a well-known, well-publicized problem that affects all machines running Vista. Yet, in the whole year that Vista has been out, Microsoft has not fixed this problem, and none of the “helpful hints” I’ve found in discussion boards have done anything to speed up file operations.

    This is absolutely unforgivable. In my office, all of our storage is networked, and if we ever deployed Vista in its current state, it would be a productivity nightmare.

  3. If you’re having trouble with Vista, give the IT guys where you work a call. In the rare event my rockin’ Dell has some problem with Vista they always straighten me out. Usually the problem is third party software. Why can’t some developers get on board with the fine folks at Microsoft and get it right? Anyway, I showed this article to the IT guys where I work and they never heard of this Mossberg guy, and more importantly they can’t help with MAC issues. You MAC lemmings are stuck with those smug ‘Geniuses’ at those snobby MAC stores. Whatever.

    It doesn’t hurt to bring your IT guys donuts. I do it every Monday morning.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  4. @ ballonknot

    How do you edit Video and have it look Pro without Finial Cut Studio?
    The POS Sony Video Editing Software or MS Movie Maker??

    Got to have a Mac for Editing Video or your movies look like the PC Home Movie (in the get a Mac Ad)

  5. Got a friend who’s just ungraded at the expense of ungodly time, trouble and money his Windows computer (blue fan lights are cool in a junior sort of way,I have to admit).

    Has he isntalled Vista? Nooo — XP of course. He admits that Macs look great, work great etc.

    But he likes tinkering with DOS he says. He also likes spending Saturdays under the hood of his auto, so I guess that’s the reason. Once a hobbyist, always a hobbyist.

    Shame though, and he also echoes the (amazingly) still-current “no viruses because there are so few Macs out there” blaa.

  6. Enough of all this Mac stuff . . . WHERE’S MY “PHUNE”? Since the good folks at Microshaft are so far ahead of Apple in all things technological, it must be in the marketplace somewhere! Was is released last June, perhaps, but nobody noticed it?

    Come on, Zune Tang. Give us an answer: “Where’s our Phune?”

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