Apple’s Boot Camp Public Beta download page disappears

Apple’s Boot Camp Public Beta page has been removed and now redirects to the Mac OS X Leopard “New Features” page for Boot Camp.

The Boot Camp download is no longer available from Apple, but it can still be had via third-party sites such as MacUpdate, VersionTracker, and others.

MacDailyNews Note: The pending expiration has always been indicated in the license agreement for Boot Camp Beta. On September 25th, Apple posted a reminder via a technical support document (306583) which stated that some versions of the Boot Camp beta software have already expired and that the latest version will expire when Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard ships in October.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Spark” for the heads up.]


  1. @@Jim… yeah, I’d have to admit that Parallels owns some of those 39 conversions from winblows… but bootcamp started the stampede.

    MDN word is “bill” as in Bill Gates must be crapping bricks with the recent apple surge.

  2. Parallels is not the end-all solution for everyone wanting/needing access to Windows. Boot Camp is one of the reasons that I as a law student am able to use Mac for my exams. Our computers have to be a Windows box so that the exam software may lock down the PC and not allow any open applications/programs/internet other than what is allowed. Parallels and other solutions (VMware, Crossover, etc.) don’t allow for this because it’s just an open window. You can still access the Mac OS which would make it easy for cheating. Boot Camp on the other hand does allow for the lock, because essentially once logged in that way – you are indeed on a “true” windows box. This is just one example why one might prefer/need Boot Camp.

    So instead of bitching about potential whiners why don’t you just embrace the fact that not everyone works the same way you do.


    Quityer bellyachin’

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