Senior analyst Gene Munster of research firm Piper Jaffray “believes the company is preparing to introduce a new smaller laptop that uses the iPhone’s multi-touch technology, a move he says would serve as a strategic extension for Apple’s current technology base,” MacNN reports.

“‘We believe the likelihood of Apple launching an ultraportable Mac in the next 4-6 months is high. The move could take place in the form of [a] smaller laptop and/or a tablet device using the iPhone’s multi-touch technology,’ Munster said. ‘Although we do not have firm evidence, either product would be a strategic extension of Apple’s current technology base.’ The analyst says the new notebook could come in the form of an extension of Apple’s MacBook family of laptops, incorporating a full keyboard with a small screen of 10 to 11-inches,” MacNN reports.

“Munster also suspects Apple is busy focusing its development efforts on a multi-touch tablet device only slightly larger than the iPhone. Such a device would likely include most of the features and capabilities of the iPhone, as well as broad functionality above and beyond [the capabilities of the current version of iPhone]. New features of a potential tablet would likely include data storage and the ability to save files, as well as document editing features,” MacNN reports.

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