RUMOR: Apple to debut updated MacBooks soon

“Apple is set to introduce updated MacBook laptops following the release of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard later this month, sources report. With Leopard on track to hit stores October 26, the updated MacBooks could be consumer hands by the first half of November, if not sooner,” Think Secret reports.

“It is unclear at this time whether this means the MacBook will maintain its current architecture and receive faster processors, from the current 2.0/2.16GHz configurations to 2.16/2.33GHz, or whether it will adopt the newer Santa Rosa architecture that the MacBook Pro gained earlier this year,” Think Secret reports.

More in the full article here.


  1. I’d like to be the first to congratulate our esteemed colleague Darth Mac on his/her “first post”. Well done!

    *I apologize in advance for any grammatical or spelling errors I may have. If these hinder in anyway your understanding of my post, please respond and I will do my best to clarify.

  2. @ rdf-b, Thank you… by the way, I’m a “he”, not a “she” but still a Sith Lord and soon to be a new Mac owner. I’ve always owned PC, that’s why I still consider myself from the dark side.

    9th Post… hi hi hi

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