Apple plans fourth NYC retail store in Brooklyn

“Apple and Barneys Co-op are both negotiating for their first stores in Brooklyn,” Lois Weiss reports for The New York Post.

“Sources said the two retailers have been in ongoing discussions to locate to the new residential property The Edge in Williamsburg, which will have 75,000 feet of new retail,” Weiss reports.

“Barneys is exploring opening a more than 9,000 foot co-op, while Apple’s reps at Madison Retail Group have been spotted checking out a corner store of between 3,000 and 5,000 feet,” Weiss reports. “Tenants won’t get possession, however, for another year.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. I’m from Calgary too– I guess Montréal is where it’s at– although a buddy of mine has an unlocked iPhone with Rogers– everything works! Apple can stiff us until the 2G comes around or lack of a Calgary store, but there are workarounds. Cheaper US dollar = cheap Apple stuff in Seattle.

  2. The retail estate network guy? Kinda like the cable guy.
    Just a few guesses:
    He forgot to renew his passport.
    He uses the CNN map of North America. The one that stops at Latitude 49 N.
    He is a Republican and doesn’t know the Prime Minister’s name.
    He thinks his global advertising $ will go farther by having more stores in one market.
    He thinks they’ll all drive to the closest US store.
    He has a brother in New York, the centre of the universe.
    He thinks Canada is like Russia cause they have the same Senate setup.
    He is too busy to think outside the US Box.
    He needs a letter each year like Santa Claus.
    He needs a new job with Tim Hortons.

  3. It’s amazing, 2 stores on the Island of Manhattan and the old stand by Mac dealer Tek Serve is still doing a booming business. Still a great place to bring your Mac if it gets sick and you can’t get an appointment with a Mac Genius at an Apple store or can’t wait for Apple to send you that Airbourne Express box for. Just goes to show you all those independents that threatened law suits and said Apple was putting out business and forcing them out with anticompetive practices were full of hooey.

  4. DUMBO is too close to SoHo and draws a similar crowd as SoHo and the Meat Packing and Fudge Packing… I mean … er… Chelsea.

    I sure hope that store doesn’t hurt Tekserve. Tekserve is GREAT and fun to go to. It’s SOOO much better than wading through tourists at the Apple Stores.

    The Williamsburg store seems a bit small compared to the Manhattan locations.

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