Apple’s Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (build 9A559) screenshot gallery

“Apple’s newest build of Mac OS X 10.5 distributed to developers is showing signs of nearing completion, but Leopard has not yet reached release candidate status with build 9A559,” Think Secret reports.

“Of note, Front Row has seen a substantial face-lift with 9A559 and along with getting its own icon in the Applications folder, like Dashboard, Expose, and Spaces, the interface now resembles that of AppleTV,” Think Secret reports.

“Also completely revamped in 9A559 is the VoiceOver utility, which gains Braille support and other features for the first time in Leopard… Support for resolution independence, which has rudimentary support in Tiger and had been rumored to be arriving with full support in Leopard, remains no where to be found. With Apple still planning to ship Leopard in October, the company has roughly two weeks to push Leopard to golden master status to allow ample time for the final product to reach retail channels,” Think Secret reports.

Full article, with link to a gallery of Mac OS X Leopard (build 9A559) screenshots, here.


  1. Looks pretty and all, nice new features… BUT

    It ain’t working very well folks. Lots of bugs. Lots of panics. Lots of spinning beach balls. Lots and lots of crashing going on. Lots of problems with lots of apps, including many of Apple’s own.

    Just wondering if that note from Cupertino about transferring the best and brightest over to iPhone thus delaying Leopard release has been bigger problem than we know.

    We’re very, very close to lines forming outside Apple stores coast to coast and at no time in the history of Apple has a new OS ever been less ready to go this close to launch date.

    Pictures are fun. Eye candy. A fully ready, fully stabilized, fully functional OS 10.5 is what we need. There won’t be another delay, so here’s hoping for miracles in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Apple got serious about security and privacy.

    For instance I would like to be able to turn off downloading in Safari. It’s not good for my newbies.

    Second I wish there was some sort of filtering to elliminate the “trick links” to illegal images and sites. Comercial software is just too darn slow, can screw with your system/updates.

    Third I wish Apple would give users a choice of glossy or matte screens. Not mandating glossy which is annoying as all hell.

    Fourth, there should be absolutely no reason for most application installs to demand such root like power to do what the fsck it wants with your machine. It’s like playing russian roulette. Once you give a malicious app the admin password (aka sudo w/root powers) it can alter everythng you see, including Mac OS X itself.

    App installs and other “admin type” actions should use the admin password, but Mac OS X itself should only be alterable with a geniune ROOT password. This way regardless of what someone installs, marketing motivated developers, spies and whatnot. Mac OS X stays Mac OS X. Rock solid secure.

    The more levels of security the better. As long as it’s not being assine like Vista is.

  3. Why no specific release date? Next week is October already. The UK release of iPhone is 7 November. The release of MS Office for Mac (ughh) is set for 15 January, yet no specific date for Leopard. Why???

    This is not something that Apple can quietly release. It’s needs to be advertised, marketed, hyped, the whole nine yards, yet we have silence.

    Some sites are touting that Leopard is near Final Candidate. Yeah, that’s great, but considering during the Developer’s Conference (way back in early June), we were informed that it was nearly or almost finished. I guess that “nearly” and “almost” are subjective terms.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not having a cow over it being delayed again, but rather that the secretive and silence concerning a specific release date. Apple “should” keep it’s loyal customers informed.

  4. ack in June, Mary Jo Foley of ZDnet fame wrote a stunningly concise article, “Leopard looks like … Vista”. Truer words were never spoken! Many of you peolpe out there do not realize the truth, all software is born at Microsoft, even our competitor’s! You see the Apple hackers constantly scour our site for hints of what we are planing for the future, they send spys, moles, fake pizza-boys,… In their desperation they even steal experimental betas so far from production that even most MS employees don’t realise that we are developing them. They then slap some of their crappy code under these interfaces and claim to have developed it first.
    This is why Leopard and all of the so called versions of OSX over the past 5 years looks like Vista, you see, Vista is the real thing. We just take our time to make sure it is done right before releasing to the public. We care, we take our time, we do stable coding. Don’t be duped by imitations.
    Ms Foley, you have been backing down, trying to explain, apologising, … DON’T! Stand strong, tell the truth, you were absolutely right all the time, “Leopard looks like Vista!”

  5. hey fakesteveballmer,

    Steve Ballmer is a bad choice to parody as he is a real life parody of himself. Throwing chairs, sweatily dancing back and forth repeatedly screaming “developers!”, claiming the hardware division will make a profit this year; its like everything he does is a setup for a wacky reality show – except its real life Microsoft 2007. Your drivel is no where as entertaining as the real thing.

  6. Actually, I would like to see a “real” uninstaller… dare I say, like Windows has. If you install a game or two, it adds files all over and it turns out they don’t all have their own uninstaller.

    I would be fine with a Nov ship date if they have it rock solid in stability VS just getting it out.

  7. I wonder how much Apple is paid to place web sites like Expedia and Monster Jobs in the default bookmarks of Safari. Has to be some revenue there. I agree with Jaxson about the uninstall, and it cannot be left to the 3rd party app publishers; Apple needs to have this now at the System level. But please don’t make it like the Windows version. You always run into the “ is a file that may be shared by other applications. It might be okay to remove, but won’t hurt to leave it.” I remember removing one of those and discovering too late that 3 or 4 other apps quit working.

  8. I love how some people are purposely saying that it has lots of bugs and spinning beachballs… if that is the case how is 559 my main OS and I have not had one app crash or the OS crash? Everything is faster than Tiger and everything runs smoothly. CS3: flawless, MSOffice: Flawless, iApps: flawless. So… please tell me what is so buggy and crashy about this build? This build could ship as 10.5.0 and no one would report malfunctioning.

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