BBC and Microsoft discuss making TV shows available via Xbox Live

“In a move likely to draw criticism from license payers who feel the BBC is already too friendly with Microsoft, the two firms are in talks to make BBC shows available through Microsoft’s Xbox Live service,; Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK.

“This news emerges as controversy continues over the BBC’s iPlayer, its online catch-up TV service that’s based on Microsoft technology and doesn’t yet support other platforms,” Evans reports.

“Industry observers have noted a worrying trend in which UK broadcasters are favouring Microsoft-backed services, as they appear spooked at Apple’s success in digital distribution,” Evans reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “John” for the heads up.]

UK Mac users: treated like doormats by Microsoft’s BBC, yet they continue to pay their license fees. Time to turn that stiff upper lip into a snarl and demand some attention? Or are you just going to keep paying and paying to be treated like a second-class citizen because you choose to use superior technology? Of course, we are Americans, so having a nice BBC TV party in the Thames would be our first inclination. Imagine the Thames full of old unwanted TVs! The UK Gov’t and Microsoft’s BBC would notice that, we’d bet. For some reason, a little revolt just seems like a better idea than paying a recurring fee in order to be given the runaround or just plain ignored.


  1. I resent paying my licence fee, the BBC are shit.

    MDN, you have to pay a licence just to own a TV, even if you don’t have it tuned in to BBC channels.

    If MDN are prepared to pay my fine, I’ll happily refuse to pay the licence.

  2. Without getting into the whole merits of DRM thing, a part of me can understand the difficulty in offering iPlayer on something other than Windows since there are no native DRM solutions available to them. What pisses me off most at this point is that they won’t even offer the free stuff in anything other than windows or real.

  3. Do Brits hate Americans?

    I am trying to buy something from UK, but my emails to several stores were never answered. I think out of five stores, one would have decency to reply.

    Maybe it’s time to rename English Muffin.

  4. Surprised you want to buy anything in Britian Rob, with an exchange rate now of over $2 to the £.

    Shoddy service…we are used to it in Britain, which lost any semblamnce of Greatness when this awful Labour government came to power.. We have years of pain to come thanks to them.

  5. Can’t wait to see the flexible pricing and convience viewing options.

    flexible: you will have to contort into all sorts of positions to accept the shafting

    convenience viewing options: you don’t expect to actually own it, do you?

  6. It’s right what Jim says. You have to pay a TV license to watch any TV channels, not just the BBC, yet the money only goes to the BBC. I could buy a TV and not watch any BBC channels, yet still have to pay it.

    US Brits should shop paying altogether and refuse to pay it again. Is it time for the BBC to advertise on their channels??!!

  7. @Macaday

    I know this is off topic, but unfortunately (for us in US) Europ has a much better choice of toys and other stuff for kids.

    Mr. President, I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to spend our dollars here at home. Thanks to your politics, we can no longer afford to travel as much as we used to.

  8. We’ll just have to rename them- MSBBC – need more be said?

    Once upon a time, BBC used Quicktime and then, like with so many sites, Quicktime was dropped for either Windows Media or Real and of late, Flash. Keep waiting to see Quicktime make a recovery in this area. Maybe the new video iPod Nanos will push sites to become more quicktime format friendly again.

  9. Really. Europe has a better choice of toys than America? So you’re saying that you’ve searched all over America and can’t find any toys to your satisfaction? You’re telling me that you don’t know anything about the specialty toy shops that are in most cities of any size? And what about flea markets where people hawk their own created goods? And the internet which many custom shops use to sell their stuff? You are nothing more than yet another libtard. My gosh, why don’t you learn to stay on topic? Why can’t you shut up and stop spreading your asinine political views wherever and whenever? Why can’t you use a little common sense?

    It’s always been America against the world — since day one. Of course, if you were a real American and actually knew your history, you’d know that.

    Supine fool. The manacles of slaves are made from your feckless drivel.

  10. I know (world) history better than any average American does and I am “real” American. Like almost all of them before me, I migrated from Europe.
    Funny, when some people are confronted with uncomfortable truth, all they can do is call you names.

  11. The BBC has been forced to offer content on all formats, hence the move to xbox live, we will also see iTunes BBC content possibly free or subsidised to account for licence fee, it is the quickest alternative to the iPlayer (irony) proposed by the BBC which caused problems as it only worked on Windows. By providing live and itunes content they cover all bases, do not be suprised to see a deal with Sony for the PS3, PSP etc.

    I would not be surprised if itunes deal is done at regent street conference

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