PC Mag reviews Apple iPod touch: ‘5 out of 5 stars, simply the best portable media player ever made’

“iPods have been evolving quickly in their short existence on this Earth. The iPhone and the iPod touch, however, seem to be several leaps ahead of the excellent iPod nano or, for that matter, any other player on the market. At $300 and $400 for 8 and 16 GB, respectively, these are not cheap devices, especially considering the storage limitations. Still, factor in the slick interface, elegant Web browser, the beautiful glass display, the seamless integration of the WiFi music store, and the iPod touch is worth the price. No portable media player has ever done this much so easily, or looked so good doing it,” Tim Gideon reports for PC Magazine.

Gideon reports, “Bottom line: With an excellent interface and elegant design, the iPod touch is simply the best portable media player ever made.”

Full extensive review (Editor’s Choice, 5 out of 5 stars) here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Corinne” for the heads up.]

By the way, reviews like this are why Steve Jobs could afford to overshadow the new iPods with his aggressive iPhone price cuts and subsequent media machinations. The iPods are fully capable of selling themselves.


  1. I wonder if he got a demo unit… I doubt it. But its different from when the iPhone was introduced everyone was slamming it and now since the iPhone people are looking at an off shoot and are like well this is nice. Blah, most reviewers are hacks

  2. God damn it… Thanks. I just bought one. I’ve been on the fence.. and out of impulse (or lack of impulse control).. went right to the online applestore and bought one.
    My wife’s gonna be really pissed.
    And Derin… if you want.. if you come in town.. I might let you look at it.. for a fee.

  3. I’d love to see what Ballmer’s reaction is to the iPhone and iPod touch.

    He’s been pretty quiet lately. Anyone know why?

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  4. The Minneapolis Tribune and an ad for zune’s in yesterdays addition. They now have different colors; and no brown zune! All for only $199.00. They’ve really lowered the price for the same piece of crap.

  5. A PAYG unlocked 8G iPhone for normal trips, with your old iPod Classic added for long trips seems the best combination.

    The lack of camera, speakers, microphone, email, diary input, Google maps, note-taking and bluetooth eliminates the use of the iPod Touché for WiFi VoIP and home office functions. There is more missing that just the phone, voicemail and SMS.

    A more feature-full iPod Touché or a 16G iPhone would be nice updates for January MacWorld 2008.

  6. Nonsense. The present Zune is light years ahead of Apple’s recently announced vapor iPod Touch in user friendliness, quality and, most of all, stylish design.

    Hey MAC lemmings, stop drinking the Kool-Aid. These things aren’t shipping yet and probably never will. The marvelous Zune is real and shipping today. And it squirts. In brown. Losers.

    Welcome to the Social.™

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