Apple to hold ‘Mum is no longer the word’ September 18th press conference in London

Apple has invited members of the UK media to a special press conference to be held at Apple Store Regent Street on September 18th at 10am.

That is all that’s included on the invite (besides directions to the store, parking info, and the London Congestion Charge disclaimer).

The invites are currently being emailed to various members of the UK press.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader Christopher Phin, deputy editor, MacFormat magazine for the heads up.]

UK iPhone launch with O2? The Beatles debut in iTunes Store? Something else?


  1. Have you heard?

    The word is ‘love’…

    The Beatles special edition iPods will ramp up the whole ‘British Invasion’ theme. Holding the event in the UK is paying homage to the fab 4. Doing it in Liverpool or at Abbey Road would be too obvious.

    In the meantime, we get buzz galore. Look how much free marketing you can have with a cryptic press release? Jobs plays the media like a finely tuned violin.

  2. Definitely the iPhone but I think it’s for all three European countries, not just UK. The subsequent Apple Expo in Paris (9/25 to 29) will be the marketing pitch for France.

    Also, possibly announcing a new 3G iPhone model for purchase in November. Announcement now before “FCC” type certification announcements are made public in Europe and US.

  3. Interesting that Apple isn’t making the press schlepp out to the MacCave in Stockley Park where they’d have more control over proceedings and where they have proper conference rooms where you can squeeze a couple of hundred journos.

    Why do that??

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