HTC CEO Chou sees ‘huge advantage’ over Apple iPhone, calls Apple’s phone design ‘quite weak’

“HTC Chief Executive Peter Chou says his company has what it takes to stand up to its challengers, especially the one from America. ‘The iPhone definitely has the most hype and the most talk,’ he says. While ‘we are not as famous as Apple,’ he adds, all the attention that the iPhone has generated ‘is a hugely positive impact to HTC,'” Bruce Einhorn reports for BusinessWeek.

“And why is that? Chou says the popularity of the iPhone’s touch screen will lead people to pay more attention to the same sort of innovation that HTC launched in its most high-end model, the HTC Touch,” Einhorn reports. “The new screen, which eliminates the need for a stylus, ‘makes the whole navigation experience so much simpler, so much more intuitive,’ he says.”

Einhorn reports, “While the technology is similar, Chou believes that HTC ultimately will have an edge in its fight against the iPhone because of its experience working with telecom operators over the past 10 years. Apple may call its device a phone but Chou doesn’t think that, as a handset, it’s up to HTC standards. ‘The iPhone design is very beautiful,’ he concedes. ‘However, the phone design is quite weak; it’s very, very basic.’ HTC, in contrast, understands the different needs of cellular operators and so can tweak its handsets as necessary. That, claims Chou, gives HTC ‘a huge advantage.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like a load of horse shit to us. As if Apple can’t master the unfathomably complex task of correctly matching devices to carriers. We think Cupertino’s engineers will somehow manage. It all looks nice in print, but what about reality; in actual use? Lazy and/or inept media outlets that just take HTC’s word for it and dutifully report that the technology is “similar” to Apple’s are exactly what HTC’s banking on; that’s where HTC is getting all of it’s “positive impact.” We prefer reality, so let’s take a direct look at Apple’s iPhone vs. the HTC Touch to see just how “similar” HTC’s technology really is (it’s not, even though they pray people will believe otherwise – while the screen may not require a stylus, the crappy, non-multi-touch Windows Mobile-based hodgepodge of a user interface frequently does – unless your fingertips resemble pencil points that are 1mm in diameter). Does a direct comparison of the devices in actual use really generate “a hugely positive impact” for HTC?

Full article, with the ludicrous subtitle “High Tech Computer struggles to stay ahead of the competition, namely Apple,” here.

MacDailyNews Take: We guess it would be quite a struggle to “stay ahead” when you’re already so hopelessly far behind.


  1. I can’t believe how slow the HTC’s UI is in the video. It’s like “touch”… wait 10 seconds. Oh, cool now I can use that function.

    Regardless of extra functions, what most of these other manufacturers forget or can’t see is what makes the iPhone great is how it brings those functions together in a way that doesn’t make the user scratch his head or wait around.

  2. A load of horse shit indeed! I hope that Apple Legal jumps on this and the other imitators for patent infringement where applicable.

    Just like a lot of people and companies put down Apple and the Mac, they break their damn necks getting a knock off to market.

  3. So Much for Apple being 5 Years ahead of the competion … I surpised how similar this device and the similar Nokia devices are to the iPhone… Sure they are not a slick as the iPhone … but they seem to offer every function of the iPhone and then some… no wonder Apple lowered the price to $300.

  4. I actually tried the HTC Touch at a PC Fair in my town in Malaysia. It’s very slow to respond to almost all the functions. Takes like 10 seconds to respond sometimes. Most of them takes 5 seconds. I thought it didn’t read my touch so I touched it again and again. Only some functions don’t work, but you’d never know cos the icon is there and not grayed out. So I kept poking at it a few times, thinking that it’s just another slow response like the other functions. I asked the guy behind the counter if it’s like that all the time. He sighed and said, ” Yeah.”
    I tried it again and gave up. This is not for me. My new Nokia is already slow when deleting multiple SMS messages. you have to wait for the ‘OK’ icon which takes a second before deleting. Imagine doing that 50 times. So I whipped out my iPod and ….!

  5. Read the article. The poor guy is in trouble. It took them 10 years to get smart about cell phones so it must take everyone else that long.
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    Do what everyone else does. Just do something, even if its wrong.
    Thinking the same!

    Thinking. Planing. Doing it right the first time.
    Think different.


  6. @Mac_ATTY

    You are wrong in all accounts. First, while the devices might be similar, you failed to see the the difference in the seamless integration: UI, ease of use, etc. Look at the two videos again and play it both at the same time. You will see the difference. Second, you or I do not exactly know the reason for Apple dropping the price of the iPhone other than Apple wanting to aggresively reach to the masses.

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