Report: Apple to unveil touch-control, Wi-Fi iPod along with new iPod nanos, shuffles tomorrow

“Apple is expected to unveil its next-generation iPod lineup, including an iPod video with a touch-control interface, at a press conference on September 5, according to sources at Taiwan-based contract manufacturers,” Daniel Shen and Steve Shen report for DigiTimes.

“The new iPod video will also come with a wide-screen panel, high storage capacity and Wi-Fi connectivity, the sources indicated. In addition, the new iPod video is expected to be powered by NAND flash, instead of a hard disk drive (HDD),” Shen and Shen report. “Apple’s new products will also include a new iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle.”

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  1. High-capacity and NAND-flash at the same existing price??? Sorry, I don’t think so.
    Here we go again…huge speculation about possible features…then huge disappointment when they don’t happen…then, tanking of the stock and instant poop on AAPL for not re-inventing the wheel, when, in fact, a touch screen anything similar to the iPhone is something no one is even close to doing, barring Nokia’s admitted copy(without OSX).
    A revolutionary iPod with touch screen…a disappointment on what everybody thinks Apple should do or should have done. Really predictable…can’t please the sheep.

  2. “It’s fun to get excited about a new gadget, but, alas, there is a potential downside for Apple, said Rob Enderle, principal analyst with Enderle Group in Silicon Valley.

    “If it brings out a product that doesn’t capture the excitement . . . I wonder if people will be disappointed because it doesn’t come up to the levels of what’s expected,” Enderle said.”

  3. Georgy Porgy said it … High-capacity and NAND-flash at the same existing price??? Sorry, I don’t think so. Sure, the price of memory is dropping faster than the price of HD (measured by the GB), but it has a long way to go before it can be a reasonable match. Anyone care to guess how much it would cost to build a 30 GB iPod with RAM instead of HD?
    No Matte? No Sale! … I mistakenly left the light on behind me as I worked on my matte screen – an older 17″ LCD from Apple – and discovered why I’d learned not to do that. The reflection was terrible! Washed out everything! Now, I’ll admit this was pretty much a worst-case scenario – two 40″ tubes almost directly behind me – but the glare made the screen almost unusable. Now, it was dead easy to stand up, walk a couple of feet, and flick the switch to make the problem go away … but you have said the matte finish eliminates the problem. Keep dreaming.


  4. Like I want to squirt with you iPod lemmings. That’s the thing about you MAC snobs. You think you’re so superior. Well I’ve got news for you. Windows users are all about taste. Good taste. And no way in a million years would I want to hear what’s on your sissy toy iPods because it’s all probably sissy toy music. The Ronnie James Dio on my Zune is reserved for other Zune aficionados ONLY. MAC dorks stay out.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

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