Longtime Windows sufferer quickly becomes elitist Mac snob

“Receiving a new primary computer for me has always been somewhat bittersweet; the excitement of the new machine is always offset by the pain of migrating from the old one,” Jason Clarke, longtime (former) Windows sufferer, reports for TUAW.

“When migrating from and old to a new Windows machine, I would always plan for two days of hell, followed by two weeks of minor (and sometimes major) aggravation when some utility that I needed in that moment had yet to be installed or configured. I had heard that Macs have a migration assistant, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect,” Clarke reports.

“Well, tonight I connected the two machines [a MacBook received about 4 months ago and a brand new MacBook Pro] via a FireWire cable, and let the Migration Assistant do its thing… Hey, it knew my name and contact info already. Hey, it had my profile picture already set. Hey, that’s my desktop wallpaper,” Clarke reports. “Holy #$^*, all of my startup utilities are dutifully starting up, and my dock is identical to what it was on my MacBook!”

Clarke reports, “I have yet to find anything that doesn’t just work. I’d like to accuse all you long-time Mac types of keeping this secret from Windows users, but the truth is that you have been telling us, and we haven’t wanted to hear it. My biggest fear when getting my first Mac was that I didn’t want to become an elitist Mac snob – they drove me crazy. But now I realize it’s not their fault; when your computing platform is so noticeably better than Windows, it’s hard not to get a bit full of yourself. Just ask my family, friends and co-workers. Really.”

More in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: Welcome, Jason! We love elitist Mac snobs!


  1. Pardon me for being elitist, forgive me for my snobbery, keep your hands off my Mac. I’ve done my level best to not harangue you and to minimize my gushing whenever the subject comes up, if you don’t want to talk about it then don’t ask and I won’t tell. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />


  2. hahahhahh
    Well done mdn

    I have heard this feature is great,
    Its sad huh how bad it is out there,

    PS: Also guys I need some advice please.

    I have just been fired, or resigned from my job a bit upset actually,

    Well anyway I have $2000 dollars from it,
    First are there any jobs going ?
    Also second, What sort of mac should I buy since I think its best while I have this money to spend it, Can someone suggest a mac for me.
    I think either a macbook or a -pro.
    not sure if 2.16 Ghz machine or 2.2 Mhz pro as The Santo rosa is much better? as it only give small bus increase.
    Does the santa Rosa have a flash mem onboard?

    If people cold recommend a model would be great please .
    and a Job also.
    thanks again people.

  3. To Current Windows Sufferers…

    Do you see? We really are trying to get through to you. We want to help, really. Some of us are, admittedly, jackasses. But the fact remains – this system is really the shit. It’s amazing. It works so well, and it saddens us to see you continually struggle with Windows just to make it do things that we take for granted. Migration assistant is a wonderful tool, and it makes moving from one Mac to another far easier than even loading a Windows Service Pack. Honest, we’re not putting you on.

    Try it. Your life will less difficult.


    MW: ‘summer’ (beginning to give up her fight)

  4. TUAW doesn’t strike me as being an Apple blog so much as a PC user’s guide to pretending to be a Mac user. Bunch of beige-minded latecomers who just don’t “get” the Apple aesthetic.

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