Group to sell software to unlock Apple iPhone starting next week

“No one ever doubted that the iPhone would be unlocked. It was only a matter of time before someone figured out how to crack the armor that heretofore has kept iPhone users from popping in a SIM card other than the iPhone-specific one that AT&T Wireless supplies with every new iPhone,” Melissa Perenson reports for PC World.

“It seems that the team of someones at are the first to successfully pull off this feat. The group says it has unlocked the phone, and will be releasing its software for sale starting next week,” Perenson reports.

“Unlocking the iPhone dramatically widens the phone’s appeal. For one, it means that you won’t be tied to AT&T Wireless’ services and network; you can use whatever local GSM network operates best for your needs–and potentially save money while doing so. Once it’s been unlocked, you can take the phone with you anywhere, and pop in the SIM card of choice,” Perenson reports.

“Engadget says that at the moment, the hack appears ‘restore-resistant’–meaning you won’t have to re-hack your phone after you apply an iPhone update,” Perenson reports. “I’ll be interested to see what the response will be from Apple and AT&T Wireless.”

Full article here.

Engadget’s article here.


  1. And they are getting ready to sell mass licenses of —– something.

    I guess the procedure of how to unlock the phone. I don’t know where they get the idea that they will make money off of this. 🙁

    I guess time will tell.

  2. How about synching with iTunes ?I’m sure Apple must be validating iphone during synch process.

    If you can’t synch your iphone with itunes, then unlocking iphone is not worth it.

  3. Restore resistant? How about Apple not providing any more updates for these “resistant” iPhones?

    Yeah, that’s great… iPhone with no visual voicemail and other special services customized by AT&T, no prospects for future enhancements except more hacks, and no accommodating unlimited data plans. And they want to make money off of it?

  4. <sigh>

    Okay, I’m only going to say this once. I have not posted anything today except for the joke link to the ZunePhone on the Korea thread. That’s it. Nothing on the “Report: Major Apple event on September 5th”, nor the message above.

    I’m not going to post for the rest of the day. When you see my name again, it won’t be me.


    MW: ‘enough’

  5. Will you just listen to all these monopolistic posts!

    Switching carriers IS A GOOD THING!!

    For instance I took a trip and wasn’t able to use my iPhone because there was no AT&T service in the area.

    Imagine all those people who need a iPhone yet can’t use it because of limited carrier availability?

    Think of the prices if there was a monopoly by AT&T?

    Think what Microsoft has done to the quality of the PC experience and you’ll have a idea.


  6. Yes, Butters. Choice is good. Just as you have the choice to buy another phone if you need to use a different service. Whatever. I have Verizon. I have no plan to switch anytime soon. I’d like an iPhone, but I’m not throwing a tantrum because it doesn’t work with Verizon. But then, I don’t have this ridiculous sense of entitlement some people seem to have these days…

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