HandBrake 0.9.0 released

HandBrake has announced the public release of HandBrake 0.9.0.

HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded DVD to MPEG-4 converter, available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

According to HandBrake, this is a major release and the additions include:

• User experience is improved through a re-envisioned Mac interface and a Windows interface that’s been rebuilt from the ground up.
• Picture quality is improved through better image scaling, better deinterlacing, new filters for denoising, deblocking, inverse telecine, and new presets devoted to high quality settings.
• Speed improvements due to updated copies of x264 and ffmpeg. This includes improved multi-threaded encoding for the iPod.
• Compatibility is improved through new presets for devices like the iPhone and PSP. As well, HandBrake now supports DTS as an audio source and has limited support for .VOB and .TS file containers as input. Most excitingly, HandBrake can now output to the Matroska (MKV) file container.
• Stability has been improved due to countless bug fixes. (Including audio drop and mp2 issues). Handbrake also has optional support for MP4 files larger than 4 gigabytes.

More info and download linkhere.


  1. Yeah, I don’t know. I mean, I’m sure it’s nice to be able to use Front Row to launch your movies but I’ve already been ripping, lo these many years, with MTR and it seems like a big pain in the ass to have to rip the Video_TS folders again. Why can’t they just make Front Row launch Video_TS?

    Matinee works fine for managing all my Video_TS folders it’s just not as slick as Front Row but at least I get to watch my movies in 5.1. You can’t do that with HandBrake.

  2. MUCH faster then 0.7.1 was, but no 320 AAC option. Presets are nice too. I skipped version .8 because no 320 AAC… maybe I am holding out for no reason… if someone can reasonable tell me why AAC 160 is “good enough” and that 320 AAC is over kill… I will ditch my old .7 version and move into faster rips (like 2 times as fast!)

    Just for a little more info… I am ripping my DVDs to 3000K 2-pass MP4 with 320 AAC currently to play in iTunes that plays through a Pioneer VSX-1016TXV to a 37″ 720P LCD. The connections from my G5 are DVI to HDMI to the receiver for video, and SDPIF to the receiver for audio.

  3. The Dude:
    Isn’t the original soundtrack encoded at 192 already? Going to 320 isn’t going to improve the quality if it was never there to begin with.

    Maybe, I don’t fully understand the different encodings enough…

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