“I’m playing with a loaner iMac and it’s a beauty,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata reports for The Pioneer Press.

“It’s an ideal family computer, taking up scant space with slab-on-a-stand construction much like that of its predecessor – but with a much-thinner body that will have even more folks mistaking it for just a monitor, with no Mac innards,” Ojeda-Zapata reports.

“The glossy display takes a bit of getting used to, especially if you’re enamored with the less-reflective screen on older iMacs. The new display certainly makes colors pop, just as the MacBook’s glossy screen does, but you’ll want to position the iMac so bright lights and large windows aren’t directly behind it or you may have trouble seeing stuff,” Ojeda-Zapata reports.

The new keyborads’ “thin design and squarish keys may cause consternation, just as the MacBook’s similarly Chiclet-y keyboard did at first, but I adore that laptop keyboard now. I think the iMac’s new keyboard will do me fine, too, after I’ve had a bit of practice on it,” Ojeda-Zapata reports.

“Mac OS X puts Vista to shame in terms of elegance, ease of use and overall security, and OS X is due for a major upgrade in October with even sweeter features,” Ojeda-Zapata reports. “As a family machine, the iMac seems unbeatable once you factor in the software installed on the Mac.”

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