Far EasTone in talks with Apple to sell iPhone in Taiwan

“Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., Taiwan’s third-largest phone company, said it is in talks with Apple Inc. about selling the iPhone handset in Taiwan,” Chinmei Sung and Tim Culpan report for Bloomberg.

“A [3G] iPhone is likely ‘one year from now,” Jan Nilsson, president of Far Eastone, said on the sidelines of a briefing today at its headquarters in Taipei. ‘The 3G iPhone is likely to be sold in Europe first because the market there is bigger,'” Sung and Culpan report.

Full article here.


  1. “Is everyone asleep out there? Is there no more interest??”

    Sorry, I’ve been in talks with Mongolia to sell the iPhone there. Ulan Bator is nice this time of year. The marmot is quite tasty and I recommend the aaruul. Sticking point: they want Mungunhurhree and Haranga on the iTunes Store. The rest of the world might not be ready for that.

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